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Whether you’re searching for a lost pet or looking for an animal to adopt, this database is the most up-to-date listing of all the animals being housed at our shelter.



Lost & Found 

If you didn’t find your lost pet at our shelter, check out the community postings below. 

The following animals were lost or found in the Gaston County area.  These pets are not being held at Animal Control, rather they are being kept by the person or persons who found them.   If you have any information on any of the pets listed below, please contact using the number(s) provided.  If you have lost or found a pet and would like to post information concerning it online, email and include the pet's breed, gender, color and characteristic markings, area lost/found, pet name, contact information, and any other pertinent information concerning the loss.  You may include up to two (2) photos (one head and one body shot) of the pet in either JPG, PNG or GIF format.  Please attach the photo to your email.  Do not embed or send links to online photo galleries.  Allow for at least one business day for the posting to be listed.  You will be contacted by reply email when your ad is online.
Note: The date listed beside the animal is the date the information was posted and does not necessarily reflect the date the animal was actually lost or found.  If you lost your pet and it was not wearing identification, you must come to the shelter to see if it is there.

Animal Control staff members review postings often, and try to match these community-based postings with impounded animals.  Due to varying and sometimes critical circumstances, often requiring immediate action however, Animal Control cannot guarantee that a given posting will be accurately matched with an impounded animal. Animal Control does strongly encourage every pet owner to comply with legal responsibilities to display a valid license tag on your pet and otherwise make certain your pet has some kind of unique identification which can aid in efforts to reunite lost pets with their owners. This is the best way to ensure a positive identification and to prevent inaccurate postings.

Pets can often travel long distances or be transported to other areas by people finding them. If you are looking for a lost/found pet and don't see it listed below, you may also want to check with our surrounding counties:

Charlotte  704-336-3786
Lincoln 704-736-8734
Shelby 704-481-9884
York 803-628-3190


Pit Bull (7/31/14)
Pit BullGender:  Male
Color:  Chocolate with white chest, paws, and tip of tail
Age:  2 years

Named Baxter.  Lost in Dallas.  Not wearing collar or tags.
Please call 704-772-6654 if found.

German Shepherd (7/31/14)
German ShepherdGender:  Female (spayed)
Color:  Black face with tan and black body
Age:  2 years
Size:  120 lbs.

Named Heidi.  Missing since 7/30/14 near Jefferson Woods neighborhood off of Redbud, Gastonia. Microchipped.
If found, please contact or 980-329-6644.

Domestic Long Hair Cat (7/29/14)
Domestic Long Hair CatDomestic Long Hair CatGender:  Male (neutered)
Color:  Orange & white
Named Leo.  Missing since 7/26/2014 from Hunter Lee Lane off of Freedom Mill right by the Crowders Mountain Fire Station.
If anyone has any information please call 704-215-5091, text 704-747-2899 or email

LabLabGender: Female
Color:  Red/golden
Age:  11 years

Missing since Thursday, July 24.  Her name is Sandy.  Lost in area of Dorchester Rd. and Patrick Rd. in Gastonia (off of Union Rd. near Forestview High).  She has a purple collar on with tags, but it has old address and phone number on it because we just moved from Boone.  Tag reads “Sandy 127 North St.” and has an 828 area code phone number on it.
Please contact if found.

Corgi Mix (7/28/14)
Corgi MixCorgi MixGender:  Male (neutered)
Color: Tan/gold
Age: 4 1/2 years
Size:  35 lbs.

Lost 7/25/14.  Was wearing a camouflage collar.
Please call 704-651-7400 if found.

DogGender:  Female
Color:  Orange and white
Size:  60 lbs.
Named Rosey.  Missing from Oak Dale Brookshire area. $500 REWARD offered.
Please call 410-330-7965 if found.

Gender:  Female
Color:  Yellow
Age:  ~3 years

Named Sophie.  Lost on Puetts Chapel Rd.
Please call 704-685-6635 if found.

Domestic Short Hair Cat (7/22/14)
Domestic Short Hair CatGender:  Male
Color:  Orange tabby with white hind legs and white spot on chest
Age:  6 years

Named Sunny.  He is timid.  No front claws.  Lost 7/10/14 in South Gastonia - Kinmere Division. 
Please contact 704-718-2876 if found.

Rat Terrier (7/22/14)
Rat TerrierRat TerrierGender:  Male
Color:  Brown, black and white 
Age:  2 years 
Size:  10 lbs.
Answers to Spike. Is friendly but may be skittish.  Missing for 3 weeks  from Delview area of Cherryville.
Please contact 704-214-0206 or if found.

Labrador Retriever/Bloodhound Mix
Lab/Bloodhound MixGender:  Male
Color:  Tan (tan/beige)

Named Gibbs.  Missing since July 20 from Belmont near South Point, with red collar and leash possibly still attached.  Has been microchipped and is neutered.
Please call 704-609-1936 if found.

Lab/Pit Mix (7/21/14)

Lab/Pit MixLab/Pit MixGender:  Female
Color:  Light brown
Name is Hemp. Missing since 7/18.
Please call 704-616-4154 if found.

Chihuahua (7/17/14)
ChihuahuaGender:  Male
Color:  Black with tan and white markings
Age:  8 years old.
His name is Chico. He went missing in Bessemer City off Bess Town Rd.
Please call 704-842-0860 or 980-267-2137 if found.

Yorkie (7/17/14)
Gender:  Male
Color:  Black and brown
Missing since 7/16/14.  REWARD offered!
2014-07-17 Cooper
Please call 704-860-7137 or 980-329-6277 if found.

Chihuahua (7/17/14)
Mixed Breed DogGender: Male
Age:  6 1/2 years
Named Romeo. Missing since 7/13/2014.  He is microchipped.
If found or seen, please call 704-615-3330.

Jack Russell/Chihuahua Mix (7/14/14)
Jack Russell/Chihuahua MixJack Russell/Chihuahua MixGender: Female
Color:  Black and white
Name is Sassy. She has a tooth on the left side that looks like 2 canines.  She has been spayed and the scar is prominent.
Please call/text 704-678-2958 or email if found.

Long Haired Dachshund (7/10/14)
Gender:  Male (neutered)
Color:  Reddish brown
Size:  Small
Age:  8-9 years
Missing since 7/9/14 from Crawford Heights near Gail Avenue, Gastonia.
Please call 704-865-0545 if found.

Beagle (7/8/14)
Gender:  Male
Color:  Tri-color (brown, black & white)
Size:  Medium
Age:  1+ years
Was wearing orange collar with reflective strip.  Missing since 7/4/14 from Virginia Avenue near downtown Bessemer City.
Please call 704-460-7860 if found.

Coon Hound (7/8/14)
Coon HoundGender: Female
Missing since 7-8-14. Goes by the name Miss Browning.
If seen or found, please call 704-860-5941 or 704-860-6152.

2 English Labs (7/8/14)
LabLabsGender:  Male
Color:  Yellow with golden eyes
Size:  120 lbs.
Has calm demeaner.  Is microchipped.
Gender:  Female
LabsLabColor:  White with dark brown eyes
Size:  100 lbs.
She has crease on nose.  Ears are darker than white coat.  She has a spray of male lab's color on coat.  Light spot on top of her head.  She is more hyper than male.
Both dogs have been missing since Thursday, July 3 from Woodbridge Community.  They are house dogs and did not have collars on.  They are stout with shorter legs.
Please contact if found.

Golden Retriever (7/7/14)
Gender:  Male
Color:  Gold
Size:  Large
Age:  Senior
Named Blue.  Lost in area of Unity Church Road, Kings Mountain (Gaston County).  Family feels he may have left home to die, but would like to have closure even if he is no longer alive.
Please text or call 980-522-7048 if found.

Pitt Bull (7/7/14)
Pit BullGender:  Female
Missing from Bessemer City since 7/4/14.  REWARD!
Please call 704-675-3661 if found.

Pug (7/7/14)
Color:  Brown
Missing since July 4th from Myrtle School Road area.
If found, please contact 704-718-7682.

Boxer Mix (7/7/14)
Boxer MixBoxer MixGender:  Female
Color:  Tan and white with black markings on face
Named Kallen. Missing since July 4th in Belmont.
Please contact if found.

Beagle (7/7/14)
BeagleGender: Female
Color:  Brown head with white markings from nose to the back of head, white muzzle, black and white body, black tail with a white tip
Age:  3 months
Size:  10 pounds
Lost 7/4/14 in area off of Robinson Clemmer Road in Dallas. Named Penny. She was not wearing her tags. She was last seen crossing over Robinson Clemmer Road heading towards Briarwood Road at the Alder Ridge Housing development.
REWARD offered!
Please contact 704-616-7130 if found.

Chihuahua (7/7/14)
ChihuahuaGender:  Male
Color:  Reddish with some white
Age:  3 years
Last seen 7/4/14 in Alder Ridge in Dallas . Has long hair.  His name is Taco.
Please contact 704-618-3754 if found.

Domestic Short Hair Cat (7/7/14)
Domestic Short Hair CatGender:  Female
Color:  Gray and white
Age:  3 years
Size:  Very small
Missing from Spencer Mountain Village in Dallas. She doesn't like to be held and is very skittish.
Please contact 931-881-4780 or 704-740-8636 if found.

Beagle (7/7/14)
BeagleGender:  Female
Missing from Bessemer City area since 7/1/2014. Answers to name of Gracie.
Please contact 704-629-5126 if you see her. 

Chihuahua (7/2/14)
ChihuahuaChihuahuaGender:  Male
Color:  Tan and white
Name Junior.
Please call 704-349-0196 if found.



Mixed Breed Dog (7/29/14)
Mixed Breed DogColor:  Reddish brown
Age:  6 months
Found about two weeks ago on Union Road.  Had a collar but no tag. Short legs.
Please contact 704-854-0041 or if found.

Pit Bull (7/28/14)
Pit BullPit BullGender:  Male (Young)
Color: Brindle and white
Found on Davis Rd. in Bessemer City.  No tags, collar or chip.
Please contact 909 964 8653 or to identify.

Shepherd (7/27/14)
ShepherdShepherdGender:  Female
Age:  Puppy
Found at Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens in Gastonia.
Please contact 704-825-4490 to identify.

Lab (7/25/14)
LabGender:  Male
Color:  Black
Age:  Older
Found in Mt. Holly in the Westland Farms neighborhood.  Wearing a shock collar.
UPDATE:  This dog was surrendered at Animal Control.  Please call 704-922-8677 for information.

2 Dogs (7/22/14)
Mixed Breed DogMixed Breed DogGender:  1 Male and 1 Female
Size:  Small
Age:  3+
Both found wearing collars and an invisible fence device but no owner ID or chip.
Please contact to identify.

Mixed Breed Dog (7/21/14)
Gender:  Male
Color:  White
Age:  Young
Size:  40 pounds
Found running down Highway 273 / Lucia Riverbend Rd. near Highway 16 in Mount Holly on Friday, July 18th. He is not neutered, was wearing a collar, but no tags, and he is not micro-chipped.
2014-07-21 Found Dog
Please call 704-502-5438 to identify.

Spaniel (7/21/14)
Spaniel MixColor:  Yellow
Size:  Small
Found 7/20 on Myrtle St. in Belmont.
Please contact to identify.

Shih-Tzu Mix (7/21/14)
Color:  Gray and white
Age:  5 years
Size:  12 lbs.
Found in vicinity of Gaston Country Club on Sept.20th.
Please call 443-310-1947 to identify.

Beagle/German Pointer Mix (7/17/14)
Gender:  Male
Color:  Dapple
Age:  3-4 months
Found near Park Road and Rankin in Mt. Holly. 
Please contact 704-219-7925 to identify.

Australian Shepherd (7/17/14)
Australian ShepherdColor:  Almost all black, with some brown
Has bobbed tail.
Mixed Breed
Mixed Breed DogColor:  Brown and black
Both dogs are roaming together in the Laurel Woods Subdivision.  One dog has on a collar and rabies tag, but neighbors have not been able to get close enough to catch them.
Please contact Animal Control at 704-922-8677 for additional information.

Lab Mix (7/16/14)
Lab MixLab MixColor:  Chocolate and brindled brown
Age:  Under 2 years
Long hair.  Found near lower Dallas highway, Dallas.
Please contact to identify.

Domestic Long Hair Cat (7/14/14)
Domestic Long Hair CatGender:  Female
Color:  Calico (white with brown and orange)
Age:  Kitten
Found 7/6/14 on Winterfield Rd. in the Autumn Acres neighborhood (off Titman Rd., near the intersection of S. New Hope Rd. and Hudson Blvd.)
Please call 704-214-2704 to identify.

Pit Bull Mix (7/14/14)
Pit Bull MixGender:  Male
Color:  Brindle
Age:  Young (not puppy)
Found Friday, July 11, 2014 in Mt. Holly (Lucia).  Friendly, cared-for, looks like there was a collar on, have checked with vet but has no chip.
Please call 704-827-5910 or 704-747-9357 to identify.

Doberman Mix (7/11/14)
Doberman MixGender:  Male
Color: Black with brown markings
Very friendly.  Thick orange collar.  Found near Hardin Rd. in Dallas on 7-10-14.
Please contact 704-516-2197 to identify.

Pit Bull Mix (7/8/14)
Pit Bull MixPit Bull MixGender: Male
Found on Green Rd in Stanley about two weeks ago.
Please contact or 704-818-7898to identify. (Note: email is the best contact point)

Mixed Breed Dog (7/7/14)
Mixed Breed DogFound July 6th in the Gardner Wood area. 
Please call 704-231-6318 or 704-865-0711 to identify.

Chihuahua (7/7/14)
ChihuahuaGender:  Male
Color:  White and tan 
Found between McAdenville and Belmont. Hit by a car but is doing great.
Please contact 704-284-1422 to identify.

Chihuahua (7/7/14)
Size:  Small
Found in Bessemer City about 2 1/2 weeks ago.
Please contact 704-685-7791 to identify.

Mixed Breed Dog (7/1/14)
Mixed Breed DogGender: Male
Color: Black with white
Age:  6 months to a year
Found in Gastonia, Cox Road area with collar.
Please contact to identify.