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Whether you’re searching for a lost pet or looking for an animal to adopt, this database is the most up-to-date listing of all the animals being housed at our shelter.



Lost & Found 

If you didn’t find your lost pet at our shelter, check out the community postings below. 

The following animals were lost or found in the Gaston County area.  These pets are not being held at Animal Control, rather they are being kept by the person or persons who found them.   If you have any information on any of the pets listed below, please contact using the number(s) provided.  If you have lost or found a pet and would like to post information concerning it online, email and include the pet's breed, gender, color and characteristic markings, area lost/found, pet name, contact information, and any other pertinent information concerning the loss.  You may include up to two (2) photos (one head and one body shot) of the pet in either JPG, PNG or GIF format.  Please attach the photo to your email.  Do not embed or send links to online photo galleries.  Allow for at least one business day for the posting to be listed.  You will be contacted by reply email when your ad is online.
Note: The date listed beside the animal is the date the information was posted and does not necessarily reflect the date the animal was actually lost or found.  If you lost your pet and it was not wearing identification, you must come to the shelter to see if it is there.

Animal Control staff members review postings often, and try to match these community-based postings with impounded animals.  Due to varying and sometimes critical circumstances, often requiring immediate action however, Animal Control cannot guarantee that a given posting will be accurately matched with an impounded animal. Animal Control does strongly encourage every pet owner to comply with legal responsibilities to display a valid license tag on your pet and otherwise make certain your pet has some kind of unique identification which can aid in efforts to reunite lost pets with their owners. This is the best way to ensure a positive identification and to prevent inaccurate postings.

Pets can often travel long distances or be transported to other areas by people finding them. If you are looking for a lost/found pet and don't see it listed below, you may also want to check with our surrounding counties:

Charlotte  704-336-3786
Lincoln 704-736-8734
Shelby 704-481-9884
York 803-628-3190


Shepherd Mix (8/28/14)
Shepherd MixGender:  Female
Age:  1 year
Name is Tater-tot.  She got loose in the Walmart parking lot on Myrtle School Rd., Gastonia on Monday, August 25, 2014.
Please contact 704-524-3342 if found.

Mixed Breed Dog (8/26/14)
Mixed Breed DogGender:  Male
Named Leo.
Please call 704-830-6478 if found.

Chihuahua/Jack Russell Mix (8/26/14)
Gender:  Female
Missing since New Year's from Loray Farm Road area.
2014-08-26 Sassy
Please call 704-678-2958 if found.

Mastiff Mix (8/25/14)
MastiffGender: Male
Color:  Light brown with white markings on paws and chest
Age:  7 months
He was wearing an orange collar when last seen on the 900 block of Tot Dellinger Rd in Cherryville on Friday afternoon.
Please contact 704-300-5429 or if found.

Lab (8/25/14)
Gender:  Female
Color:  Black
Age:  5 years
Size:  Large, 88 lbs.
Was wearing silver choke chain with current rabies tag when lost 8/25/14 from Sweet Birch Ct. in the Willow Creek subdivision, Gastonia.
Please call 704-854-5213 or 704-860-5709 if found.

Great Pyrenees (8/22/14)
CollieGreat PyreneesGender:  Male (neutered)
Gender:  Male (neutered)
Color:  Black
$2000 reward offered for their return.  They both have collars with IDs and they are both microchipped.  Last seen in Dallas near Willis and Park Rds. 
Please call 704-898-3002 or email if found.

Pit (8/21/14)
Pit BullGender:  Female
Color:  Blue and white
Please call 704-923-5731 if found.

Lab/Pit Mix (8/21/14)
Lab/Pit MixLab/Pit MixMissing since 8/9/14 from Midway Lakes 2 in Kings Mountain.
Please call 704-419-4613 with information.

Reindeer Chihuahua (8/19/14)
Reindeer ChihuahuaReindeer ChihuahuaGender:  Female
Color:  Dark brown with a gold face and paws.  She has 2 dots of dark fur on the two middle toes of each paw.
Size:  Small, about 6-8 lbs.
Age: 4 years
Dog is named Vixen or Vix.  Stolen at 7:30 pm on Saturday, 8/16/2014 a Shell gas station on Ozark Street in Gastonia.
Please contact 856-906-4412, or 252-558-3439, if found.  REWARD: $300 no questions asked.

Lab (8/18/14)
LabGender:  Male
Color:  Golden
Lost from Faires Ave., Belmont.
Please contact 704-460-7134 if found.

Shepherd/Collie Mix (8/18/14)
Shepherd/Collie MixShepherd/Collie MixGender:  Male
Color: Marked like a German Shepard
Had a flea collar and a regular collar on when lost on Sandy Creek Dr., Chapel Grove in Gastonia.  Name is Hades.
Please contact 704-860-6235 or 704-866-4602 if found.  Please leave a message with name and number.

Yorkie (8/13/14)
Gender:  Female
Color:  Black
Size:  15 lbs.
Answers to Hannah.  Has docked tail.  Lost 8/12/14 in area of Laye St., Belmont.
Please call 704-813-3586 if found.

Chihuahua (8/12/14)
ChihuahuaChihuahuaGender:  Male
Name is Dozzer.  Missing since Saturday 8/9/2014 Hartford Gastonia around Hudson Blvd.& Davis Park Rd. area. Was only wearing a white flea collar when lost.
If found, please call 704-853-9797 or 704-813-7259.

Domestic Short Hair Kitten (8/12/14)
Domestic Short Hair KittenGender:  Female
Color:  Tabby/calico mix (tri-color with tabby markings)
Age:  9-10 weeks
Lost 8/6/14 in Autumn Acres Neighborhood (off of Titman Road, which is near North New Hope Rd.)
Please contact 704-577-1475 or 704-214-4704 if found or seen.

Pit Bull Mix (8/11/14)
Gender:  Male
Color:  Black and white
Size:  Medium
Age:  1 year
Missing since 8/8/14 from Fallsdale Drive, Chapel Grove area, Gastonia.  Was wearing cone around head/neck. Has scratched front leg.
Please contact 980-348-3271 or 704-915-8019 if found.

Domestic Short Hair Cat
Domestic Short Hair CatGender:  Female (spayed)
Color:  Black and white
Age:  10 years

Named Minnie.  Missing since Thursday 8/7/2014.  Has had rabies vaccine this year but is not wearing a collar.  Likes people but not affectionate.  Belongs to Autistic son.
Please call 704-810-6535 if found.  REWARD offered.

Golden Doodle (8/8/14)
Gender:  Female
Color:  Gold with brown markings
Size:  Medium
Age:  9 months
Stolen morning of Thursday, August 7.  Leash was tied to post while owner was inside the Silver Express across from CVS on Gaston Hwy.  White car seen stopping with driver untying leash and putting dog into car. 
Please call 704-240-2917 with any information.

ChihuahuaGender:  Female
Color:  Black with white fur on belly
Size:  Small, ~ 6 lbs.
Age:  2 years
Long haired.  Missing since Tuesday, August 5 from Shrewsbury Street in Iron Station near Gaston County line. Her name is Sophie.
Please call 704-369-9607 if found.

Terrier Mix
Terrier MixTerrier MixGender:  Male
Color:  Light brown and white with freckles around neck

Named Peanut. Last seen on crossroads of Mary's Grove Road and Stonewood Estates Drive in Cherryville on July 29th. He did not have his collar on.
Please call 704-418-0736 if found.

Miniature Doberman Pincer
Miniature Doberman PincerGender:  Male
Color:  Black and brown, but graying and turning white

Age: 16 years
Size:  Small
Wearing an orange collar.  Last seen at Northgate Apartments on 8-02-14. His name is Blade.
Please call 704-678-1936 if found.

Pit Bull (8/4/14)
Pit BullPit BullsGender:  Female
Color:  Chocolate brown with white markings
She has a mole on her left side and is microchipped.
Pit Bull
Gender:  Male
Pit BullColor:  White with black markings and spots

Both dogs lost 7/24 off Lloyd White road on the NC/SC state line.
Please call or text 980-329-6180 or 980-329-6130.

Pit Bull (7/31/14)
Pit BullGender:  Male
Color:  Chocolate with white chest, paws, and tip of tail
Age:  2 years

Named Baxter.  Lost in Dallas.  Not wearing collar or tags.
Please call 704-772-6654 if found.

German Shepherd (7/31/14)
German ShepherdGender:  Female (spayed)
Color:  Black face with tan and black body
Age:  2 years
Size:  120 lbs.

Named Heidi.  Missing since 7/30/14 near Jefferson Woods neighborhood off of Redbud, Gastonia. Microchipped.
If found, please contact or 980-329-6644.

Domestic Long Hair Cat (7/29/14)
Domestic Long Hair CatDomestic Long Hair CatGender:  Male (neutered)
Color:  Orange & white
Named Leo.  Missing since 7/26/2014 from Hunter Lee Lane off of Freedom Mill right by the Crowders Mountain Fire Station.
If anyone has any information please call 704-215-5091, text 704-747-2899 or email



Husky/Malamute (8/28/14)
Husky/MalamuteGender:  Male
Found in Dallas on 8/27/14 in front of the Dallas post office.
Please call 704-616-9801 to identify.

Chihuahua (8/26/14)
ChihuahuaGender: Male
Color: Black, tan, white on chest
Age: About a year
Size: 8 lbs.
Please contact to identify.

Domestic Short Hair Cat (8/25/14)
Domestic Short Hair CatDomestic Short Hair CatGender:  Female
Found approximately 2 weeks ago in New Hope acres / Gardner park.
Please contact to identify.

2 German Shepherd Mixes (8/19/14)
Shepherd MixShepherd MixGender:  Male
Color:  Black/tan
Age:  6 - 9 months
Gender:  Female
Color:  Brown/tan
Age:  6 - 9 months
Both found off of Long Shoals Rd.  Friendly & full of energy.
Please contact 704-922-1389 or 704-616-4873 to identify.

Lab/Shepherd Mix (8/19/14)
Lab/Shepherd MixLab/Shepherd MixGender:  Male
Color:  Black
Found at the intersection of New Hope and Titman. He has big ears.
Please call 704-200-3111 to identify.

Chihuahua Mix (8/19/14)
Gender: Female
Color:  Brown
Size:  Small
Found 8/18/2014 near 321 and Davidson intersection in Gastonia.  Had on a collar with tag but the number on tag is not in service.
Please call 704-577-1475 to identify.

Siamese Mix Cat with 3 Kittens (8/12/14)
Siamese Mix with KittensGender:  Female
Color: Cream with brown markings (ears, face, feet, and tail) and blue eyes
Size: ~ 12 lbs. (recently had kittens)
Has been in neighborhood off Union Road, near the municipal airport for a little over a month.  The kittens appear to be around 6 weeks old, maybe a little older. Her kittens have blue eyes, one is black, one is orange, and one is tiger striped. She does not have a collar and has a vertical cream colored stripe down her nose.
Please contact to identify.

Terrier Mix (8/11/14)
Gender:  Female
Color:  Tan
Age:  1-2 years
Very shy but friendly.  Found in Robinwood New Hope area of Gastonia.
Please contact to identify.

Mixed Breed Dog (7/29/14)
Mixed Breed DogColor:  Reddish brown
Age:  6 months
Found about two weeks ago on Union Road.  Had a collar but no tag. Short legs.
Please contact 704-854-0041 or if found.