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Whether you’re searching for a lost pet or looking for an animal to adopt, this database is the most up-to-date listing of all the animals being housed at our shelter.



Lost & Found 

If you didn’t find your lost pet at our shelter, check out the community postings below. 

The following animals were lost or found in the Gaston County area.  These pets are not being held at Animal Control, rather they are being kept by the person or persons who found them.   If you have any information on any of the pets listed below, please contact using the number(s) provided.  If you have lost or found a pet and would like to post information concerning it online, email and include the pet's breed, gender, color and characteristic markings, area lost/found, pet name, contact information, and any other pertinent information concerning the loss.  You may include up to two (2) photos (one head and one body shot) of the pet in either JPG, PNG or GIF format.  Please attach the photo to your email.  Do not embed or send links to online photo galleries.  Allow for at least one business day for the posting to be listed.  You will be contacted by reply email when your ad is online.
Note: The date listed beside the animal is the date the information was posted and does not necessarily reflect the date the animal was actually lost or found.  If you lost your pet and it was not wearing identification, you must come to the shelter to see if it is there.

Animal Control staff members review postings often, and try to match these community-based postings with impounded animals.  Due to varying and sometimes critical circumstances, often requiring immediate action however, Animal Control cannot guarantee that a given posting will be accurately matched with an impounded animal. Animal Control does strongly encourage every pet owner to comply with legal responsibilities to display a valid license tag on your pet and otherwise make certain your pet has some kind of unique identification which can aid in efforts to reunite lost pets with their owners. This is the best way to ensure a positive identification and to prevent inaccurate postings.

Pets can often travel long distances or be transported to other areas by people finding them. If you are looking for a lost/found pet and don't see it listed below, you may also want to check with our surrounding counties:

Charlotte  704-336-3786
Lincoln 704-736-8734
Shelby 704-481-9884
York 803-628-3190


Poodle (4/17/14)
Gender: Male
Wearing a blue collar, no tags, when lost 4-16-14 in Bessemer City near Pruitt Chapel Road and Hidden Oaks Dr.   Just moved to the area.
If found, please call 704-685-6261 or  704-923-5141.

Cat (4/17/14)
Gender:  Male
Color:  Orange and white tabby
Age:  1 year
Last seen on Summerow Rd. in Stanley.
Pease contact 704-460-5409 if found.

Blue Heeler (4/15/14)
Blue Heeler - DaisyBlue Heeler - DaisyGender:  Female (spayed)
Age:  9 months
Dog is named Daisy.  Lost 4/2/14 in Kings Mountain, Chestnut Ridge Rd / Lewis Farm Road area.
Please contact 704 473-6145 or if found.

Domestic Short Hair Cat (4/15/14)
Domestic Short Hair Cat - CosmoDomestic Short Hair Cat - CosmoGender:  Male 
Color:  Mostly white with some black markings on top and on hindquarters
Age: 1 year
Size:  9 lbs.
Cat is named Cosmo.  Lost in area of Mt Holly - Belton Rd.  Cosmo is a skittish cat, but he does know his name. He also has a black mustache.
If seen or found, please call 954-857-1641.

Sheltie (4/11/14)
Sheltie - TinyGender: Female
Age:  14 weeks
Dog is named Tiny. Lost 4/10/2014 in the Suburban Heights area.
Please contact 704-451-1304 if found.

Yorkie (4/11/14)
Yorkie - ParisGender:  Female
Color: Tan/Blue
Size:  6-10 lbs.
Dog is named Paris.  Lost 4/8/14 in area of Airline/Gaston Ave. (up from the Courthouse).  She did not have any tags but did have a collar on. He left eye has medical problems and she needs her drops ASAP. She also has other medical problems.
If seen or found, please call/text 704-214-2637 or email

Domestic Short Hair Cat (4/4/14)
Domestic Short Hair Cat - MartyGender:  Male (neutered)
Color:  Tuxedo
Age:  2 years
Named Marty. He has all of his shots. He won't wear a collar so he did not have his tags on.
If seen or found, please call 704-519-9492 or 704-718-3721.

Chihuahua Mix (4/1/14)
Chihuahua Mix - ZippyGender:  Male
Color: Brown/White/Black
Lost 3/30/2014 in Gardner Woods (Amity Ave.). Name is Zippy.  He was wearing a camouflage collar.
Please contact 704-813-0222 or 704-678-7472 if found.

Maine Coon Cat (3/30/14)
Gender:  Female (spayed)
Color:  White paws, gray and black stripes
Missing since March 8th.  Very friendly.  Last seen wearing blueish green collar.  Very fluffy.
If seen, please call anytime 704-675-1234.

English Mastiff (3/23/14)
English Mastiff - ObieColor:  Fawn with black mask
Size:  190 lbs.
Last seen on Robinwood near New Hope.  Goes by the name Obie. 
Please call 704-862-8072 if found.

Pit Bull (3/21/14)
Gender:  Male
Color:  Tan and white with blue eyes
Age:  2 years
Size: Short and stocky
Name is Butch. Missing from N.York St. and Bradley Ave.
Please call 704-923-7620 if found.

Collie/Chow/Lab Mix (3/20/14)
Collie/Chow/Lab Mix - MaxGender: Male
Color:  White with black spots, black face with white down the middle
Size:  Big
Dog is named Max.  Missing from Gastonia. He does not have a tail, only a nub for a tail.
If found, please contact 704-923-5439 or 980-335-8513.

English Bulldog (3/19/14)
Gender:  male
Color:  White with brown spot on forehead
Age:  7
Dog is named Beau.  Lost at South New Hope Road near Armstrong Park.  Has poor hearing and will not respond to name.
If found, please call 704-689-6439.

Mixed Breed Dog (3/14/14)
SassySassyGender:  Female
Color:  Black with white snout and chest
Age:  9 years
Has a spay scar on her belly.  Answers to Sassy. She has a tooth on the left side that looks like two canines. 
If found, please call 704-678-2958.

Lab (3/14/14)
Gender:  Male
Color:  Black
Age:  12 weeks
Goes by Buddy. Lost in the Cherryville area on Lee Black Road.
Please call 704-445-0944 if found.

Chihuahua (3/13/14)
Chihuahua - ChiquitaChihuahua - ChiquitaGender: Female
Color:  Black, brown and white
Age:  15 years
Answers to Chiquita. Very sweet but typically barks at strangers. Missing since 3/12/14 from area off Davis Park/Myrtle School Road.
Please contact if found.



Pit Bull (4/15/14)
Gender:  Male (neutered)
Color:  Light bridle
Found April 14th off Jackson street in Gastonia.  No collar.
Please contact 704-813-5100 to identify.

Pit Bull Mix
Pit BullGender:  Male
Color:  Brown and white with a brindle pattern

Size:  Medium 
Found 4/5/14 in Bessemer City.   He had an old collar with no tags and it appears he might have broke a chain. He is not neutered. 
Please call 336-392-8553 to identify.

Beagle Mix (4/14/14)
Beagle MixGender:  Male

Size:  Medium 
Found 4/13/14 on Landers Chapel Rd.   He has on a spiked collar with a Harley Davidson insignia.
Please call 973-727-0196 to identify.

Gender: Female

Color:  Black 
Age:  Adult
She is very sweet. Has a very distinctive trait. Clean cut. Found on New Hope Rd in Gastonia near Dollar General. 
Please contact or 704-572-6366 to identify.

Poodle Mix
Poodle MixGender:  Male
Color:  White with a black spot and black ears

Found off of Union Road in Fox Run Subdivision. Curly hair like a poodle, cute and very friendly. No collar or tags when found.
Please call 704 813-6167 or 704 813-7241 to identify.

Pomeranian (3/30/14)
Gender:  Female
Color:  Dark sable
Size:  Small
Found on Hudson Blvd., Gastonia.
Please call or text 704-685-2394 to identify.

Miniature Mixed Breed Dog
Gender:  Female
Color:  Cream/beige
Size:  5 lbs.
Found 3/23/14 on Westland Farm Rd. area of Mt Holly. No tags or collar. Very friendly.
Please call to identify 704-674-8107.

German Shepherd
German ShepherdGender:  Male

Color:  White with blue eyes
Found on Lowell Bethesda Road on 3/24/14.  Has broken red wire leash on. 
Please text or call 704-616-5032 to identify.

Beagle/Jack Russell Mix (3/23/14)
Beagle/Jack Russell MixGender:  Female
Color:  Black and brown
Found on Hardin Road, Dallas.  Vet said possibly spayed but not sure.
If you recognize her, please call or text 704-685-3169.

Gender:  Female
Color:  Black
Age:  Adult
Collar that looks like it held tags at one point but have been pulled off. She also had a very torn up leash still attached to her collar and dragging between her legs.
Please contact to identify.

Wire-Haired Terrier Mix
Wite Haired Terrier MixColor:  Yellow and white

Found off of Little Mountain Road.
Please call 704-214-0962 to identify.

Lab Mix (3/17/14)
Gender:  Female
Color:  Black with brown eyes
Size:  Medium/large
Has had pups in past.  Found in area of Main Street & Maple, Dallas.
Please contact 704-922-8261 or 704-813-8536 to identify.