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Real Property Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What is considered Real Property?
A: The land and any physical structure built or placed on a parcel of land. 

Q: If my home or building is still under construction at the beginning of the tax year (January 1st), what will the value be based on?
A: The value of the home or building under construction is based on the percent complete as of January 1st . Each property value is based on what is physically on the property as of January 1st of each  year.

Q: Why am I receiving a “Sales Verification” form in the mail?
A: If you have bought property in Gaston County recently, you will receive this form in the mail. The Department of Revenue would like for each county to have a Sales Verification process.  Note: This form is optional, you are not required to fill it out. However, the Gaston County Tax Department would appreciate it if you could fill the form out. The form is to help us verify the information we have in our data base.

Q: When can I appeal my property value?
A: You can appeal your property value each year after January 1st until the adjournment of the Board of Equalization and Review (usually in May each year) or within 30 days of any value change  notification with the Appraisal section in the Tax Assessor’s Office.

Q:If my home or building burns down will I still be taxed on it for this tax year?
A: If the home or building was still standing on the parcel of land January 1st of this tax year, you will still be taxed for the building . Note: If the burnt structure is completely demolished and removed from the property before January 1st of the following year, taxes will be adjusted for the following tax year (based on what is on the property as of January 1st). 

However, if  part of the burnt structure is still standing, taxes will be based on the percentage of the burnt structure still on the property and any other structures on the property as of January 1st.