Introduction to Stormwater

Stormwater Control

The concern for stormwater runoff is increasingly becoming more serious as our county grows in population. Not considered a farming community, Gaston County is progressively being urbanized. The conversion of our land from rural to developed generates large volumes of stormwater runoff. Stormwater originates from rainfall or snowmelt that enters natural and man-made drainage systems. These storm systems do not receive any treatment before entering the waters of our streams and lakes. More than just occurrences of flooding, stormwater carries pollutants such as sediment, nutrients, and bacteria, affecting our lakes and streams. This in turn affects the quality of our drinking water and thereof each resident of the county. We are very fortunate that the state of North Carolina has commissioned Gaston County Natural Resources to assist and educate the citizens of Gaston County in the management of stormwater.

To learn more about Stormwater pollution, view the Citizen's Guide to Stormwater (PDF) or the Guía del Cuidando Sobre Aguas Pluviales (PDF).

Stormwater Post-Construction

Stormwater (SW) plans must be submitted online to Gaston County Natural Resources for review through the Citizen’s Self Service (CSS) Portal. A CSS account will be required to submit plans and supporting documentation and to access permit status and permit review paperwork. The account registration can be completed online at Citizen's Self Service.

Please see plan application instructions and required forms below. If you have questions regarding the plan application process, email Chad Waldrup or call 704-922-2153.

Prior to beginning any land disturbance (logging, clearing, grubbing, etc.), email Jonathan Boerger or call 704-922-2150, to schedule a SE&SC preconstruction meeting. Please note that you will need to obtain NPDES permit coverage through NC DEQ DEMLR

Service Requests or Complaints

In order to better determine how we can help you with your stormwater or erosion concerns, please review the Stormwater or Erosion Complaints (PDF) regarding how such issues are handled according to the statute. In most cases, damages incurred by a property owner as a result of stormwater or erosion control violations is a civil matter between the parties involved. Please visit the Mediation Center of the Southern Piedmont for more information about settling civil matters.

Stormwater Post-Construction Planning & Design Links

NC DEQ Stormwater Design Manual
Stormwater Control Ordinance
NC DEQ Post-Construction Stormwater Permitting Map 

Stormwater Permit Fees

A stormwater permit is required for all land-disturbing operations that equal to or exceed one acre. The Gaston County Board of Commissioners has established permit review fees equal to $450 per acre. These fees shall be doubled when activity subject to the ordinance begins before a stormwater permit is obtained from the county.

For land, disturbing areas equal to or more than one acre, the stormwater permit application plan shall be prepared by and bear the seal and signature of a professional engineer or landscape architect licensed in the state of North Carolina.

$450 non-refundable plan review processing fee for each acre of disturbed land or any part of an acre of disturbed land (including off-site borrow and waste areas). No processing fee will be charged for a revised plan unless the revised plan contains an increase in the number of acres to be disturbed.

Example: 1.0 acre = $450

1.1 acre = $900