GIS Day is a worldwide event that celebrates Geographic Information Systems (GIS). This annual event is celebrated on the third Wednesday of November. The first-ever GIS Day was held on November 19, 1999 during Geography Awareness Week. Inspired by Ralph Nader, his goal of this day is to spread awareness of GIS and Geography. GIS Day is dedicated to showing, teaching, and inspiring others.

Celebrate with Gaston GIS
November 15, 2023  
10 AM - 3 PM
Drop - In Event

Citizens Resource Center
1303 Dallas Cherryville Hwy
Dallas, NC

Celebrate the GIS Professional

Meet your local GIS Professionals from Building & Development Services, Environmental Health, Health & Human Services, Information Technology, Natural Resources, One Gaston 2040, and Tax. Watch a drone demonstration or explore outside on an GPS treasure hunt. Remember to register with to create your account. 

Emerald Green Geocaching Logo

What is Geocaching? Geocaching is an outdoor treasure-hunting activity that uses GPS-enabled devices, including cellphones. In geocaching, participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find the "geocache," (usually a container or marker) at that location. It all started in 2000 when Dave Ulmer hid a stash in the woods of Oregon and posted the GPS coordinates to test the accuracy of newly released satellite technology . It has grown into a fun and interactive way to get outside and explore geography. Check out Gaston County GIS's Geocaches (Coming Soon). Remember to make an entry into our Geocache Log.  

Drone Demonstrations

10:30 · 11:30 · 1:30 · 2:30

Micro Geocache

Drone Pilot

Drone Demonstration

Drone Hovering

Drone in Flight

The Learning Garden

Fountain at the Learning Garden

Nano Geocache

nano geocache

Micro Geocache

macro geocache

X-Small Geocache

xsmall geocache

Departments and Divisions

ESRI for Educators K-12
Compass Rose
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