New employee orientation at the Gaston County Administration building is an all-day event designed to introduce new hires to the county's culture, policies, and programs. During the orientation, employees will have the opportunity to meet the executive leadership team and learn about the county's strategic priorities and goals.

The orientation will cover a range of topics, including employee benefits, safety and security policies, and workplace expectations. In addition, new employees will receive an overview of the county's diversity and inclusion initiatives, as well as opportunities for professional development and career growth.

Throughout the day, new hires will have the chance to network with their peers and learn more about the various departments and services offered by Gaston County. By the end of the orientation, employees will have a solid understanding of the county's values and priorities, and be better equipped to contribute to the county's success.

Required Documents

  • W-4 
  • NC 4 EZ
  • Emergency Contact Information
  • Employee Dependency/Beneficiary Information Form
  • Forms of Identification for I-9
  • Direct Deposit Form

Parking on Your First Day