Recreational, Cultural, and Life-Long Learning Opportunities

Gaston County boasts a wealth of opportunities for outdoor recreation in parks, along trails, and in the water, for sites of historic and artistic interest, and for personal enrichment, growth, and continuous learning. Preservation and enhancement of these assets create quality of life for residents and maintain the appeal of Gaston County as a great place for people of all ages and for businesses making investment decisions.

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Goal 1 - Improve equitable access and diverse representation in programming and resources.

The ability for all residents and visitors to easily access, feel welcome, and enjoy county amenities increases the value of the amenities to the community. Ensuring that all county residents feel included and represented in recreational, cultural, and personal enrichment opportunities is important to our growing county.

Goal 2 - Optimize and improve resource allocation to meet growing and changing community needs.

The availability of recreational opportunities, cultural and historical collections, and personal enrichment opportunities is key to building well-rounded communities. Gaston County will continue to work with its municipal, state, federal, and community partners to plan and invest in areas of recreational, cultural, and life-long learning to enhance the experiences for our residents and visitors.

Goal 3 - Promote enjoyment of Gaston County's diverse historic, artistic, recreational, and natural resource assets.

Creativity in programming, communication, and marketing will boost enjoyment and appreciation of the county's assets for residents and visitors. 

Goal 4 - Balance development with the preservation and enhancement of natural, historical, agricultural, and cultural resources.

As Gaston County prepares for continued economic and residential growth, the preservation and enhancement of resources and amenities will be kept in mind. This mindfulness will enable ongoing cycles of growth and development as potential investors and residents seek locations with a robust quality of life.

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