Organization-Wide Focus

Through the development of the FY24-28 Strategic Plan, common issues were identified that impact departments across all three strategic focus areas. Because of this, the importance of a holistic approach was realized to address issues not limited to any single department and further promote organizational collaboration.

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Goal 1 - Align resources and staffing to meet increasing and changing service demand.

By monitoring demographic changes in the community and promoting communication and collaboration within, County departments can identify opportunities for continuous improvement and provide services that are accessible, responsive, and customer focused. These practices can be used to guide resource allocation and promote efficient and effective delivery of services.

Goal 2 - Improve data collection, accessibility, and sharing to inform internal and external decision making. 

Gaston County values data collection and the utilization of data to share impacts relative to organizational performance. Data collection and sharing promote a culture of accountability, trust, and data-driven decision making.

Goal 3 - Improve internal and external flow of information.

Promoting open communication and knowledge transfer are foundational components to the Gaston County Core Values. Likewise, clear and concise communication and the transfer of information with those we serve not only enhances the user experience, but also improves County operations and performance.

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