Peer Support Program

What is Peer Support?

Peer Support is about understanding another's situation though the shared experience of emotional and psychological pain. 

The Peer Support Coordinator assists first responders, including law enforcement, detention officers, animal control, telecommunicators, emergency medical services providers, social workers, and others exposed to traumatic events in navigation of the mental health system, provides appropriate documentation and paperwork as needed on peer services, and assists in teaching basic mental health information and coping skills to clients and families.

When should you seek support?

  • After experiencing a traumatic workplace event 
  • Before, during & after a Crisis Event
  • Staff Debriefings
  • Client Fatality
  • Experiencing everyday life stressors, burnout
  • Major life events
  • Family Supports 

Areas of Focus:

  • Gaston County PD 
  • GEMS
  • Telecommunicators 
  • DSS 
  • Child & Adult Protective Services
  • ACCESS Transport 
  • Public Health 
  • Hope United Survivor Network

Meet our Peer Support Coordinator:

  Trey SarterTrey Sarter, CMC Peer Support Coordinator 

Trey Sarter is Gaston County’s Mental Health Peer Support Coordinator, under the Department of Community Support Services.   Throughout Trey’s Career, he’s had the opportunity to work and advocate for children with high and complex needs within the Managed Care System in Mecklenburg County and DSS, assisted adults and children with Behavioral, Developmental and Substance Use needs, worked with adults and families as a Success Coach to help them obtain self-sufficiency, along with his experience with implementation of new programs and program development.  Trey is excited to be a part of the Gaston DHHS Family and leading the charge to help bring awareness and advocacy of the Mental Health, Peer Support and Wellness needs for all of Gaston County Employees to further make Gaston County, the Employer of Choice. 

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