Conservation Contests


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*Contest themes are aligned to the NC DPI’s Essential Standards for Science (linked below)

Our Goal: The North Carolina Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts sponsors Conservation Contests at County, Area, and State levels for 3rd- 12th grade students. Our goals is to give students an opportunity to gain knowledge and understanding of soil and water conservation, while developing leadership and speaking skills that foster self-confidence and personal growth. Students will be introduced to careers in soil and water conservation as well as local government officials through the contest process. 

Procedure: The Department of Natural Resources coordinates Conservation Contests for Gaston County. Students complete a project aligned to the current theme based on the specifications described below. Teachers may submit classroom winners to the county level contest. County first place winners will advance to the Area level, where first place winners will advance to the State. 

ENTRIES DUE 02/15/2024


Awards Reception - February 23rd @ Citizen Resource Center in Dallas

Poster Contests 3rd – 5th grades:
Guidelines & Rules for Poster Contests 3rd - 5th grades (PDF)
Poster Contest Score Sheet (PDF)

Essay Contests 6th – 12th grades:
Guidelines & Rules for Essay Contests 6th - 12th grades (PDF)
Essay Contest Score Sheet (PDF)

Public Speech Contests 6th – 12th grades:
Guidelines & Rules for Public Speech Contests 6th- 12th grades (PDF)
Public Speech Score Sheet (PDF)

Slide Show (or PowerPoint) Contests 6th – 12th grades: 
Guidelines & Rules for Slide Show (PPT) Contests 6th – 12th grades (PDF)
Slide Show (PPT) Score Sheets (PDF)

Correlation Guide (PDF): Alignment to NC Essential Standards for Science

Conservation Contests Guide and Rules Supplement