Public Swimming Pools

Public swimming pools (including spas, wading, training, and therapy pools) are subject to State and local regulations and must be inspected by Environmental Health staff. Gaston County inspects and permits public swimming pools to ensure compliance with State and local regulations.

Each year, public swimming pools must renew their permits to operate and be inspected by Environmental Health staff. Seasonal pools and spas are permitted and inspected once per year while year-round pools and spas are inspected twice per year.

  • To renew an existing permit for the year, a Swimming Pool Operation Application must be submitted.
  • If building a new public swimming pool or renovating an existing pool, a Swimming Pool Plan Review Application must be submitted. 
  • Pool Safety Data Sheets can be filled out and be submitted to your inspector or emailed to our office (

*** If your Management Company or Billing Address has changed, please contact (704) 853-5200.


  • Annual Swimming Pool: $200.00
  • Seasonal Swimming Pool: $110.00
  • Plan Review: $250.00