Tattoo establishments are inspected once a year or more often if there are complaints. Ensuring proper sanitation and bloodborne precaution practices at tattoo establishments is important for public health.

To obtain a Tattooing permit, a Tattooing Application must be submitted. Tattooing permits shall be issued in the name of the individual tattoo artist, shall list the address of the tattoo establishment where the artist will practice, and shall not be transferable to another person or place of practice. Upon receipt of the application, the Department inspects the premises, instruments, utensils, equipment, and procedures of the applicant to determine whether the applicant meets the requirements for a tattooing permit. If the applicant meets these requirements, the Department will issue a permit to the applicant. 

All initial applications and applications for renewal of an existing tattooing permit shall be submitted to the local health department at least 30 days prior to initial issuance of a tattooing permit or expiration date of an existing permit.


  • Tattooing Permit: $100.00 per Artist

Applications & Forms