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You have big plans for the future, whether you’re looking to attend your dream college or start a rewarding career.

An unplanned pregnancy or sexually transmitted infection could risk your plans for the future. If you’re sexually active or considering becoming sexually active, protect your potential by getting an annual exam, learning about contraception options or getting screened for STIs. These services are affordable and confidential at the Gaston County Teen Wellness Clinic.

Here’s what the Teen Wellness Center can do for you.

  • Birth Control
  • Pregnancy Testing
  • Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) Testing
  • Teen Advocate - a caring professional who will work one-on-one with teens to answer their questions about health and birth control options

The Teen Wellness Center is designed with young adults and teens in mind. The clinic is only for patients 12-19, with highly trained and friendly providers who take an extra moment to answer questions and educate our patients.

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