Chemical Reporting Requirements

Gaston County Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) chemical reporting requirements:

As of April 2008 the LEPC voted to use in the future beginning in the 2009 Report Year the web-based program E-Plan.

View the E-Plan Emergency Response Information System website.

This program is for the businesses to use and also will allow for responders to have better and quicker access to critical data.

To access the site use the link above to go to the site. Once at the frontal page new E-Plan users must sign up for an E-Plan account. There is no Local County charge.

For a reporting company you will need to click on the link in the left hand column titled " E-Plan Online Filing (Tier) ". As you proceed through the sign up process you will be given an Access ID number which you need to record for later use and other log in. You will also have a password to record for future log in.

Your data can be directly entered into E-Plan or if you desire you can import your data for your site if using Tier2Submit. Using Tier2Submit you will need to save an export of your data to your computer and then import that file into E-Plan.

That is all, once done your information will be available to all emergency responding agencies within Gaston County that has submitted for a log in also as well as State agencies that have log in approval so this should cover reporting requirements to the many different agencies that you are required to send too.

This is a secure website and only those who are approved will have access to your information.

Again this is a free program to use. Benefits of E-Plan are that it is free. It is a one stop site for you to make your reporting requirement available to those that require it; it can be updated as needed to keep your information current; there is no yearly downloading of the latest version, it is web-based; this site puts critical information and chemical data in the hands of our emergency responders.

Beginning in Report Year 2009 this is the required way to report to Gaston County. We also ask that this information be updated as needed throughout the year so to be current.