Business Emergency Contact

The Gaston County Police Department Communications (911) Division has developed a more efficient way for local business owners to provide emergency responders with pertinent after-hours contact information.

With approximately 10,000 businesses in Gaston County the need frequently arises when fire, police, or rescue personnel need to contact business owners for incidents that have occurred on their property when the business is closed. Up to now there has been no comprehensive database available to emergency responders that can provide this critical information in a timely fashion.

To remedy this situation the Gaston County Police Department Communications (911) Division has established an Internet link on the department's webpage that will allow business owners to enter their contact information and register their businesses online. Registration is entirely voluntary and is free of charge. Information that is provided will also be kept confidential and will only be used by the Communications (911) Division for emergency notifications.

The web-based registration form can be completed online returned electronically by email through a built-in link on the form, or it can be printed and faxed to the 911 Division when completed. Access the Business Registration Form (PDF).

For further information contact Gaston County Police Department Communications (911) Division Director, at 704-866-3294.