Calendar Views

When the Calendar tab is selected, a second set of Tabs let you navigate between the ‘List View’ and the ‘Calendar View’

Calendar ‘List View’

This is the ‘List View’.  It can show meetings based on your search criteria.

Calendar List View

Calendar ‘Calendar View’

The Calendar ‘Calendar View’ displays meetings in a traditional calendar grid layout.

Calendar View

Calendar ‘List View’ Details

The Calendar List View looks like this.

Calendar List View Details

Column Information

NameThe name of the meeting body. This is a link that you can click to go to a view that only shows you meetings from the body with the name that you clicked.
Meeting DateDate of the meeting Meeting Date Icon

The column between the date and time has no heading but each row contains an icon. Clicking on this icon allows you to download a meeting invitation to go on your calendar if you use calendar tools like Outlook.

Meeting TimeTime of the meeting. When meetings are back to back, only the first meeting time is relevant. All other meetings will show a start time one minute later than the prior meeting. However, the next meeting will occur when the prior meeting is completed. There may be a short break between meetings.
Meeting LocationThis column specifies where the meeting will occur. It also gives a brief description of the meeting. Usually, this will specify the type of meeting; for example, Regular Meeting or Work Session.
Meeting DetailsThe ‘meeting details’ link will allow you to see the files related to the individual actions taken during the meeting.
AgendaIf a meeting agenda is available, this column will contain a link to the agenda document in PDF form.
MinutesThis column will contain links to one of two types of documents. Soon after the meeting is held there will be a link to a ‘Agenda with Votes’ document which will detail all of the actions taken on the agenda items. After the minutes are finalized and approved it will contain a link to the minutes document in PDF form.
VideoThis column will contain an ‘In Progress’ link that will take you to the live streaming of the meeting if the meeting is in progress. Soon after the meeting (usually the next day) it will contain a ‘Video’ link that will allow you to watch the archived meeting video.

Adding a Meeting Date to Outlook

If you use Outlook, you can click an invitation icon and an ‘.ics’ file can be downloaded and opened in Outlook.  The invitation icons are highlighted below.

Invitation Icons

Here the invitation icon has been clicked and Outlook has opened the downloaded ‘.ics’ file. Clicking ‘Save’ or ‘Save and Close’ will add the meeting to your calendar in Outlook.

Downloaded ICS File

Meeting Added to Outlook

Searching the Calendar

When viewing the calendar ‘List View’ a search dialog lets you search for particular meetings based on the criteria you provide.

Search Calendar

Search Text Field

The Search text field allows you to find text related to meetings. The search text field’s contents can be used to find matches in the following meeting information:

  • Name
  • Date
  • Time
  • Location/Comments
  • Action Notes (if the ‘notes’ checkbox is checked)
  • Closed Caption text (if the ‘closed caption’ checkbox is checked)


  • If you enter multiple words in the search box (ex: ‘police vehicle’) meetings that have all of those words will be found.
  • If you place ‘or’ between your words (ex: ‘police or vehicle’), meetings having any of the words will be found.
  • If you place multiple words in quotes (ex: ‘“police vehicle”’) then only that exact text will be found.
  • If you place ‘and not’ in the search phrase (ex: ‘police and not vehicle’) that word following ‘and not’ will be excluded.
  • You can use an asterisk as a wild card. For example ‘Bo*’ would find both ‘Board’ and ‘BOC’.

Time Period Criteria

You may select a time period to be included in the search criteria.

Time Period Criteria

You can select a time period from this dropdown.

Select Time Period

The following time period choices are available:

  • ‘All Years’
  • ‘Last Year’
  • ‘Last Month’
  • ‘Last Week’
  • ‘This Year’
  • ‘This Month’
  • ‘This Week’
  • ‘Today’
  • ‘Next Week’
  • ‘Next Month’
  • ‘Next Year’

Any individual year represented in the meeting data will also be a search option.

Department Criteria

Department Criteria

You may select which meeting body to view calendar events for by using the ‘Departments’ select.  At this time, only the Board of Commissioners is using this system.  But later when other meeting bodies like Planning, Zoning, or Tax use the system you will be able to choose whose meetings to view.