The Finance Department has the responsibility of recording and reporting on the financial activities of the County and verifying that all financial transactions are conducted and recorded in accordance with the budget ordinance, applicable laws, guidelines provided by regulatory agencies, and generally accepted accounting principles and County policies. The following are some of the duties performed in fulfilling the department's responsibilities:

  • Maintaining detailed account records by fund for all County Departments including:
    • Assets
    • Liabilities
    • Budgeted and actual revenues
    • Budgeted and actual expenditures
  • Supervising the receipt, deposit and investment of cash
  • Reconciliation of all County bank accounts
  • Approving all invoices and contracts prior to payment
  • Disbursing funds for payments to suppliers
  • Maintaining expenditure records for all county grants
  • Disbursing employee payroll funds
  • Billing and collection of solid waste disposal fees and other miscellaneous billings
  • Preparing financial reports for Federal, State agencies
  • Coordinating the annual county audit
  • Assisting in the compilation of the annual County budget under the direction of the Director of Budget and Purchasing and the County Manager.

The Finance staff includes the Finance Director, Assistant Finance Director, Accountants, accounts payable, payroll, billing, and general accounting technicians, and the records clerk.