Budget & Strategy

Budget & Strategy manages Gaston County’s annual budgeting process, seeks grant opportunities that align with program priorities, and oversees long-term strategic processes including the Strategic Plan and the Capital Improvement Plan.

Additionally, we take an active role in assisting the County Manager in responding to the Commissioners' requests for information. This includes preparing Commissioner resolutions, conducting various research and survey projects, and completing other activities as requested by the County Manager.

Questions? Please reach out to us: 704-866-3053

  1. Annual Budget
  2. Grants
  3. Long-Term Strategy

Like all governments in North Carolina, Gaston County is required to operate under a balanced annual budget ordinance in which expenditures equal estimated revenues. Budget staff play a primary role in facilitating the County’s annual budgeting process, while also monitoring the budget throughout the year.

Gaston County’s fiscal year begins on July 1st and runs through June 30th of the following year. The County Commissioners are responsible for setting the property tax rate and adopting the budget ordinance. The budget ordinance lays out projected revenues and expenditures for all appropriated funds. Funds are separate, self-balancing sets of accounts that record revenue received and expenditures spent. The County’s main operating fund is referred to as the General Fund. 

Property taxes are the largest revenue source for the General Fund. However, they make up less than half of projected revenue for all appropriated funds. Other revenue sources include sales and other taxes (like occupancy taxes); intergovernmental revenue and grants; fees, licenses, and permits; fund balance (which is essentially the County’s savings account); as well as some other smaller revenues. 

Gaston County funds many essential programs and services. Each fund records expenditures related to one or more of these major functions: public safety, education, human services, general government, economic and physical development, and more. For more detailed information on the annual budget, please see the Budget page linked to in the sidebar.