Erosion & Sediment Control

Person On a Hill Next To WaterSoil Erosion & Sedimentation Control (SE&SC) plans must be submitted online to Gaston County Natural Resources for review through the Citizen’s Self Service (CSS) Portal. A CSS account will be required to submit plans and supporting documentation and to access permit status and permit review paperwork. The account registration can be completed online at Citizen's Self Service

Please see plan application instructions and required forms below. If you have questions regarding the plan application process, email Chad Waldrup or call 704-922-2153.

Prior to beginning any land disturbance (logging, clearing, grubbing, etc.), email Jonathan Boerger or call 704-922-2150, to schedule a SE&SC preconstruction meeting. Please note that you will need to obtain NPDES permit coverage through NC DEQ DEMLR.

Service Requests or Complaints

In order to better determine how we can help you with your stormwater or erosion concerns, please review the Stormwater or Erosion Complaints (PDF) regarding how such issues are handled according to the statute. In most cases, damages incurred by a property owner as a result of stormwater or erosion control violations is a civil matter between the parties involved.

Please visit the Mediation Center of the Southern Piedmont for more information about settling civil matters.

E&SC Planning and Design Links

**If you, or your entity, are applying for permitting and are not the Landowner of Record, submit a signed and notarized letter from the Landowner authorizing you, or your entity, to apply for land disturbing permits along with the application submittal.

Erosion & Sediment Control Fees

$400 non-refundable plan review processing fee for each acre of disturbed land or any part of an acre of disturbed land

(including off-site borrow and waste areas). No processing fee will be charged for a revised plan unless the revised plan contains an increase in the number of acres to be disturbed.

Example: 1.0 acre = $400.00

1.1 acre = $800.00

Single family lot less than 1 acre fee: $100