Healthy Wells

Healthy Wells is a project led by the Gaston County Department of Health and Human Services-Environmental Health (DHHS-EH). Healthy Wells will upgrade the current DHHS-EH small drinking water system by completing the following activities:

  • Converting 12,000 plus paper well records to digital records
  • Securing latitude-longitude coordinates for 12,000 plus well records
  • Create a county Geographic Information System (GIS) database of 12,000 plus well records. This database will contain information on wells that have been installed, repaired, and abandoned since 1989. The database will also contain information on groundwater contamination.

DHHS-EH will use these resources to further ensure access to safe drinking water for small drinking water system users. The resources will allow DHHS-EH to conduct analyses, provide publicly-accessible information, develop educational programs for the community, and train environmental health professionals.