Current Planning

When you submit plans for any type of project they are routed through to our plan reviewers. This team reviews all details to ensure that the proposed project is designed in compliance with all applicable codes and regulations. If there are any concerns of noncompliance, they will be addressed during this review process. The goals is to ultimately save the applicant time and money by catching potential issues prior to construction. 

Current Rezoning Cases: 

Updated 8/10/2022

Case Number (Applicant)LocationRequestStaff Member 
Processing Case
Planning Board Hearing DateBoard of Commissioners Hearing Date 
Z22-21Clarks Gap Rezone from (R-1) to (R-2)Jamie KanburogluAugust 1, 2022 (recommended approval 5-1)August 23, 2022
CD21-07Union Rd. Conditional Rezone from (R-1) to (CD/C-3) for mini warehouse useJamie KanburogluAugust 1, 2022 (unanimously recommended approval)August 23, 2022
Z22-23Carpenter Rd. Rezone from (R-1) to (R-3)Sarah PenleySeptember 12, 2022September 27, 2022
CD22-05Smith Rd. (Mount Holly)Rezone from (R-1) to (CD/C-2)Sarah Penley(pending) September 12, 2022(pending)
September 27, 2022
Z22-24Hoyles Woods Trail (Kings Mountain) Rezone from the (R-1) to to (R-2)Sarah PenleySeptember 12, 2022September 27, 2022