Road Naming

Road Naming within the unincorporated areas of Gaston County is administered through the Planning GIS Services and enforced by the "Road Naming and House Numbering Ordinance", adopted by the Board of Commissioners in June 1990. Planning GIS is responsible for determining and maintaining street names and property addresses within the county's jurisdiction. The department also works with the 15 municipal jurisdictions in the determination of new streets and address assignments.

Property addresses have become necessary in order for emergency personnel (police, fire, and rescue) to effectively locate you, your family, and / or your property in the event of an emergency. This is also the basis for naming unnamed existing private roadways, in which three or more families live within separate structures.


  • All petitions submitted to Planning GIS must have attached a Gaston County Map of the area under consideration; you can get these online in GIS Mapping.
  • The road to be named must be drawn in on the corresponding map to allow for input into the GIS system.
  • Each and every structure must be clearly marked on the map to assure proper addressing.
  • If questions arise regarding property ownership or if you are unable to collect a required property owner signature, please contact Planning GIS.
  • Duplicate road names (phonetically or otherwise similar) are not accepted, regardless of the street or road suffix (road, drive, court, etc.) Example: Jenny Lane will not be accepted if Jenny Court is already in use.

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Completed forms should be mailed to:

Gaston County Planning and Development Services
Planning GIS
P.O. Box 1578
Gastonia, NC 28053