Street Signs

Gaston County will place and maintain signs on all public roadways in unincorporated parts of the County; the road sign shall be placed at intersections to identify intersecting roads.

Street Sign Standards

All signs consist of twelve-foot poles and signs measuring six inches by thirty-six inches, six inches by forty-two inches, or six inches by forty-eight inches dependent upon the road name. The street signs shall be green in color with reflective white lettering. 

Information to Be Included on the Sign

  • Road name
  • Road name suffix
  • Address block number
  • Road number
  • Highway designation


All signs are to be placed at a suitable corner of each intersection, Parks and Recreation Department staff will choose the best location with maximum visibility.


The applicant petitioning the County to name or rename a roadway and/or developers constructing new subdivisions within Gaston County will pay the Street Sign fee according to the current fee schedule.


The County will maintain street signs within all subdivisions located in the unincorporated portions of the County unless the developer chooses to furnish signs. The signs must be placed in accordance with County Street Sign Standards, be placed on a colored background, and have reflective lettering. It will be the developer's responsibility to maintain signs that are placed by agencies other than Gaston County.


The County can place and maintain street signs within the incorporated jurisdiction of any municipality with whom there is a written agreement. The current fee schedule shall apply to each individual street sign placed or maintained on their behalf.

Damage to Signs

It is unlawful for any person, corporation, firm, or association to alter, remove, deface or damage any street sign placed by Gaston County. This act is considered a prosecutable offense.

Related Documents

Completed forms should be mailed to:

Gaston County Planning and Development Services
Planning GIS
P.O. Box 1578
Gastonia, NC. 28053