Rabies and Microchip ClinicAlternative Solutions to Surrendering a Pet

Surrendering your pet to a shelter should be a last resort, not a first option.

Our goal is to provide resources and possible alternative solutions to pet relinquishment, to keep more pets in homes and out of shelters. If you are considering surrendering a pet to Animal Care and Enforcement or any shelter, please review the following information first.

By providing a wide-array of free and low-cost resources that may serve as alternative solutions to pet relinquishment, our goal is to save more lives while providing meaningful, supportive community education on the responsibilities of pet ownership. If any of the following scenarios apply to your situation, we can help you!

Relinquishing a Pet to Animal Care & Enforcement

By continuing to our Surrendering Your Pet page, you acknowledge that you have read all of the options listed on this page and have, to the best of your ability, pursued all available alternatives to surrendering a pet.