Business Recycling

Gaston County Solid WasteAccording to the NC Department of Environmental Quality (NCDEQ), businesses and industries create almost half of the waste disposed of in North Carolina. Why should Gaston County businesses consider implementing a waste reduction and recycling program? A properly implemented program can:

  • Save money by decreasing trash pickups, and landfill disposal fees. It may also decrease money spent on purchasing new supplies.
  • Improve public relations. The state of the environment is becoming a concern to more and more people, and residents like to know that local businesses are doing their part to decrease pollution and save resources.
  • Keep you legal. A number of items are currently banned from landfill disposal.

Implementing an effective waste reduction and recycling program in your business does not have to be difficult or expensive. To help you, we have created business-specific fact sheets to outline the basic steps in creating a successful program.

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