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Closing the Loop

From the recycling bin... To the manufacturer... To the store shelf... Back to your home!

Many Gaston County residents collect and sort items that can be recycled. That's good because it helps Gaston County reduce the amount of garbage going to a landfill. But putting items out for collection or dropping them off at a recycling center is only the beginning of the recycling process!

It surprises most people to learn that what they buy is just as important as saving the things the Gaston County Recycling Program accepts for recycling. Where do the recyclables go after collection? Manufacturers use them to make new products - the second step to recycling. The third and final step returns the new products to the marketplace. This step is one that we all need to support if recycling is to remain part of the solution to the country's garbage issue.

Purchasing products made from recycled materials "closes the loop." The materials have now come full circle: from bin to a manufacturer, to the store shelf, and back to your home. And after using the item, you can start the loop again by saving it for recycling. When you buy recycled, markets are created and demand is assured for recyclables being collected in Gaston County and in thousands of other communities. Manufacturers will respond by continuing to use recyclables in their products. Buying recycled products reduces our dependence on natural resources, conserves energy, and prevents pollution.

Don't let the recycling symbol deceive you! The recycling symbol does not necessarily mean that a product is made with recycled content material, or that it can be recycled here in Gaston County. It may just be there as a reminder for you to recycle. Generally, the recyclable symbol means that the product can be recycled (somewhere). Products made with recycled materials will have the recycled symbol.

Recycled Symbol

Recycled Symbol

Used to denote products containing recycled material.

Recyclable Symbol

Recyclable Symbol

Used to identify materials that are suitable for recycling.

So read the label carefully for specific information on recycled content and be aware of the materials accepted by Gaston County Recycling.

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