Residential Garbage Disposal

Gaston County Solid WasteResidential Garbage may be taken to any of the county's Recycling Centers except for Farmers Market or Duke Street. Residential garbage does not include construction or demolition material such as wood and carpet waste or commercial waste. These items must be taken to the Gaston County Landfill.

Garbage disposal in Gaston County is financed through a Pay as You Throw program. This means that you are charged based on the amount of garbage you throw away. You can avoid paying for disposal by separating your recyclables from your garbage.

A 12-inch stack of newspapers or 1 bag of recyclables equal in size to your garbage bag will receive a $2 credit for each bag of recycled materials towards the disposal of bagged garbage. Credit is limited to $8 per trip.

  • 1 to10 Bags of Garbage $4
  • 11 or More Bags $8
  • Small Load Pick-up Truck $4
  • Large Load Pick-up Truck $8
  • Trailers Larger than Pick-up $16
  • Mattress or Box Springs $10 each
  • TVs $4 each
  • Computer Monitors $4 each
  • Tires (off rims) No Charge
  • Tires (on rims) $3 each
  • Appliances No Charge

Cash is not accepted for disposal at the recycling centers. A Garbcard is required for the disposal of residential garbage. No cash is accepted at the Recycling Centers. Garbcards can be purchased from these Garbcard Vendors.  Gaston County Solid Waste and Recycling makes every effort to keep this list accurate. However, the accuracy of store names and locations is not guaranteed. On occasion, the companies listed above may temporarily sell out of cards. Please call the stores for directions and to make sure that they have cards before you make a special trip.