Pet License Tag Application

95% of pets with identification get back home; 95% without identification don't. Without a tag, your pet is just another stray and yes, even cats and "indoor" pets need to have a license.

Pursuant to the Gaston County Animal Control Ordinance, all owners who obtain a rabies vaccination for a dog, cat, or ferret are also required to purchase from the Animal Shelter, within ten days, a license for each dog, cat, or ferret. (Sec 3-7. (a) Individual License Requirement.)

In addition to the appropriate license fee, a $15 late fee may be applied to any license purchased after ten days of the pet receiving its rabies vaccination or if a dog, cat, or ferret subject to the license requirement is determined not to have an individual license tag (Sec 3-7. (d) Late Purchase Fee)

Owners are required to display the license tag on a collar at all times. (Sec. 3-7. (a) (2) Individual License Requirement)

  1. Differential Licensing
  2. Fees & Exemptions
Differential Licensing Flyer