Criminals Can't Run From Serial Numbers

Having Your Privacy & Safety Violated Is Bad Enough

As a victim of theft, your privacy and sense of safety aren't the only things affected. Thieves take your valuable property. It's important to record the serial numbers of your possessions. Serial numbers are unique numbers often placed on items by the manufacturer. If an item doesn't have a serial number, you may create one and engrave it on the item (i.e. your state issued driver's license or identification number). If an item can be positively identified, it can be returned to its rightful owner.

Don't Be a Criminal's Best Friend

Recovered property that can't be positively identified can't be used as evidence in court. Being able to provide a serial number, or a personally unique number engraved on an item, to law enforcement increases the chances of the criminal being prosecuted.

Thieves look for convenient opportunities to steal. Don't make it easy for them to take your valuables. One way to avoid being a victim of theft is to secure your property. Lawn equipment and tools should be secured in a locked storage building. Guns should always be locked in a gun safe. Vehicles should be locked and valuable items should never be visible. Purses, money and electronics are most often stolen from unlocked vehicles. Never leave valuable property outside unsecured.

Take Action

It only takes a few minutes to record the description, serial number and value of items that are most likely to be stolen. Examples of these items are listed for you in the property record form below. If you have valuable jewelry, silver, antiques or art objects, take a color photograph and note any marks, blemishes or features that make it unique. Always keep your property record and photographs with your insurance papers in a fireproof safe.

Buy, Record, Secure

After making a new purchase, remember to record the necessary information before storing it. Following these simple steps will make sure you have all the information needed. If you need more space to list your property, feel free to print more than one copy of the Property Record Form (PDF).

For additional information, contact the County Police at 704-866-3320.