Gaston County, NC will use this Plan in combination with the North Carolina Radiological Emergency Response Plan in the event of an emergency at the Duke Energy McGuire Nuclear Station or Catawba Nuclear Station. The undersigned agrees to the responsibilities assigned to their organizations in this Plan.

This plan has been written to address a response to a nuclear release incident. Current conditions and or situations may mean that decision-makers may have to alter decisions based on guidance reflected in the plans for the safety of personnel and residents. Although every effort has been taken to ensure a working plan, unexpected external influences may cause an alternate decision that will better protect the personnel and resident when needed.

Therefore, decision-makers will use this plan as a base for protective actions but have the ability to change as needed if unexpected situations arise, which may call for different protective actions to be made.

Electronically signed by:

  •  Kim S. Eagle, Ph.D, County Manager          
  •  Myron Shelor, Administrator