Support Resources, Procedures, Facilities & Equipment

Emergency Response Support and Resources

  • Resources and support assistance from sources external to State government and Gaston County may be required to conduct emergency operations within the EPZ. To assure that these resources are committed in an efficient and effective manner, Gaston County may dispatch a representative to the Duke Energy Emergency Operations Facility Center.
  • Duke Energy Company and the Gaston County Emergency Management Department have designated representatives to serve with SERT as the representative of the licensee and the Board of County Commissioners, respectively.
  • Procedures for control and allocation of resources required to support emergency operations in Gaston County will be prescribed by the Chairman of the Gaston County Board of Commissioners.
  • A resource manual containing the identification, location, and procurement of resources is maintained by Gaston County Emergency Management.
  • Coordinating Instructions:
    • Requisitions for personnel, supplies, and equipment during an emergency will be directed to the Emergency Management Administrator.
    • The types and quantities of resources committed by county departments during an emergency are to be reported to the Emergency Management Administrator.
    • Local resources to support federal response will be made available to the extent possible.
    • Federal support will be coordinated through the State.

Medical & Public Health Support

Select hospitals in the state have the capability to evaluate radiation exposure and radioactive material intake. These limitations are adequately compensated for by agreements with private companies to provide whole-body counting equipment and with laboratory analysis from medical institutions, the federal government, and private commercial laboratories. 

Local hospital support for treating radiation incident victims. See Part 1 State Plan (PDF), Section VIII, Figure 12 for other hospitals in the vicinity

University Hospital

  • Bed Capacity: 130
  • Location: 8800 N Tryon St, Charlotte, N.C.
  • Heliport: Yes
  • Contact Person: Emergency Room Charge Nurse

Carolina's Medical Center

  • Bed Capacity: 853
  • Location: 1000 Blythe Boulevard Charlotte, N.C.
  • Heliport: Yes, and Helicopter Service
  • Contact Person: Emergency Room

The Office of Emergency Medical Services (OEMS) Section, Facility Services Division, Department of Human Resources is responsible for developing plans to marshal ambulance and rescue resources and for coordinating emergency medical services at radiation incident sites and shelters.

In the event of an incident at either the McGuire or Catawba Nuclear Stations, the Gaston County EMS representative on the County EOC staff will advise the Gaston County EMS Director of the medical facilities to be evacuated and those capable of receiving radiated patients. If the number exceeds Gaston County's capability, the EMS Director will request assistance from the Western Regional OEMS office. At the staging area EMS personnel will be issued dosimeters, briefed on the nature and extent of the incident, and assigned missions.

Emergency Facilities & Equipment

Gaston County government conducts emergency command and control functions from the Gaston County EOC located in the Emergency Management Department in the basement of the Emergency Services Building, 615 North Highland Street, Gastonia, N.C.

Gaston County, to the extent possible, will provide off-site monitoring in the vicinity of the facility.

The County EOC complex houses a communications center and is equipped with an emergency power generator, and other necessities required for continuous operation.

The County EOC is equipped with the following:

  • Commercial telephone service (in-place)
  • A two-way radio (portables)
  • Fax machines
  • Dedicated notifying line between both the McGuire and Catawba Nuclear Stations and the EOC
  • Dedicated Line between the Duke Energy EOF, State of North Carolina (McGuire & Catawba), State of South Carolina (Catawba) and counties (McGuire - Catawba, Iredell, Lincoln and Mecklenburg) (Catawba - Mecklenburg and York, SC)
  • A dedicated computer line

The decision to activate the Gaston County EOC, will be made by the Emergency Management Administrator or alternate.

Documentation showing the time required from notification of EOC staff to establishment of command and control, under varying conditions, is maintained by the Gaston County Emergency Management Office.

To the extent available, Gaston County Emergency Management will provide radiological monitoring equipment and personnel who have been trained in radiological monitoring.

Radiological monitoring equipment is issued to trained individuals and departments only. Gaston County Emergency Management maintains detailed records regarding equipment issue, personnel training and equipment maintenance.

Radiological monitoring equipment used by county government is inventoried and inspected by Gaston County Emergency Management. All instruments are calibrated in accordance with the schedule established by the State of North Carolina.

Gaston County Emergency Management has access to various emergency equipment located throughout the county and in the Emergency Operations Center to support the McGuire Nuclear Site and Catawba Nuclear Site in the event of an emergency. This equipment includes protective equipment, communications equipment, radiation monitoring equipment and emergency supplies. Gaston County Emergency Management maintains an inventory of emergency equipment that supports the Gaston County Plan.

Field monitoring data collected during the approximately first 7 to 9 hours of an announced emergency will be transmitted or delivered to the Gaston County Emergency Management for analysis.  Duke Energy Company will assist in the interpretation of this data.