Registered Motor Vehicles

Tax and Tag Together Program

The Tag and Tax Together Program became effective with September 2013 initial registrations and renewals. The program was designed as a convenient way to pay registration fees and property taxes in one transaction.

The NC DMV sends out a combined notice that includes both the vehicle registration fee and property taxes due. You pay NC DMV for both by mail, online or in-person at a License Plate Agency near you. You will not be able to renew your registration without paying for the property taxes.

If you purchase a vehicle and do not transfer an active tag to it, you will be required to either pay the property tax at the time you register the vehicle or acquire a Limited Registration plate which allows you approximately 60 days to pay the taxes.

The Tag and Tax Together Program does not apply to vehicles with an IRP plate (International Registration plate/ Apportioned Tag) or permanent/ multi-year plate. Please see Individual Personal Property for listing requirements for these vehicles.