The county is currently on a four-year reappraisal cycle with the most recent reappraisal being effective as of January 1, 2023. The previous reappraisal was effective as of January 1, 2019.

Typically, real property values remain unchanged during the non-reappraisal years. When factors and / or conditions warrant a reappraisal in a non-reappraisal year, the valuation standard remains the same as the most current reappraisal year.

Appeals in Non-Reappraisal Years

Beginning January 1 of any tax year, a property owner may appeal the value assigned to real property. The basis of the appeal should be that the tax value assigned to the property is significantly greater than the market value of the property as of the effective reappraisal date. e.g. January 1, 2023. Evidence provided may include appraisals made on or before January 1, 2023, as well as sales information occurring before that date. Finally, one may compare the tax value to that of other similar properties from an equity perspective.

An appeal filed during any calendar year must be submitted prior to the adjournment date for the Board of Equalization and Review. The official schedule for the Board is published in the Gaston Gazette prior to its first meeting.

Property Tax Inquiry is a new Tax Office website that provides information specific to your property. You can review information regarding your property by entering the current owner's name, the Property Key [Parcel ID], or physical address.

Community is a new Analytical program that provides information from other sources combined with property tax values to review information by geographic areas within Gaston County. This site is especially useful for identifying comparable sales within your area. You can review information specific to your property by visiting the "Property Search" area and entering your Property Key [Parcel ID], address, or current owner's name.

GIS / Mapping is the website that has been used most commonly in the past. It displays the property on a map and provides property information with links to the Property Tax Inquiry site.