Registered Motor Vehicles

Tax and Tag Together Program

In September 2013 North Carolina changed the law on property taxes and registration fees for tagged vehicles. The program was designed as a convenient way to pay registration fees and property taxes in one transaction at the NC DMV license plate agency.

You must pay to NC DMV by mail, online, or in person at a License Plate Agency.

Pay Registration Fees Online

Vehicle Tax Receipts

If you purchase a vehicle and do not transfer an active tag to it, you will be required to either pay the property tax at the time you register the vehicle or acquire a Limited Registration plate which allows you approximately 60 days to pay the taxes. Limited Registration taxes must be paid to NC DMV. Be sure to select Pay Limited Registration Taxes.

The Tag and Tax Together Program does not apply to vehicles with an IRP plate (International Registration Plate / Apportioned Tag) or permanent / multi-year plate. Please see Personal Property for listing requirements for these vehicles.

Who to Contact

DMV at 919-814-1779 

  • Change of Address
  • Taxed in the Wrong County
  • Problem with Registration or Registration Late Fees

Gaston County Tax Office at 704-866-3199

  • Charged Gastonia City Tax and live in the county or another city within Gaston County
  • Appeal Value of My Vehicle
  • Refund or Proration of County Taxes

Value Appeal

Vehicle valuation may be appealed to the Gaston County Tax Office by filing a request for appeal within 30 days of the date taxes are due on the vehicle.

Motor Vehicle Appeal Form (PDF)

Proration or Refund

You may request a refund or proration of property taxes paid for registered motor vehicles that have been sold or suffered a total loss. Within one year from the date you turn in your NC Tag to a NCDMV tag office, you must provide to the Gaston County Tax Department a copy of your NC Tag Surrender Receipt (FS20) and a Bill of Sale or Total Loss Statement for a refund. Gaston County Tax Department may refund property taxes only.

Submit Proration / Refund Requests

In person 
128 W Main Avenue
Gastonia, NC 28052 

By mail 
P.O. Box 1578 
Gastonia, NC 28053


Email Registered Motor Vehicles

Antique Automobiles 

Antique Automobiles are vehicles 30 years and older. Values are determined using Old Car Report Pricing Guide at a Level 4.

  • Level 4) Good A drivable vehicle needing no, or only minor work to be functional. Also a deteriorated restoration or a poor amateur restoration. All Components may need restoration to be "excellent," but the vehicle is mostly usable "as is". This is a driver.

Antique Automobile owners may apply for Antique Registration through the NCDMV. Once an Antique Registration has been issued by the NCDMV, taxpayers have the right to apply for an Antique Exclusion. The application must be filed with the Gaston County Tax Department to receive a reduced tax valuation of $500.

Antique Automobile Value Exclusion Application (PDF)

Motor Vehicle Exemptions

North Carolina General Statutes allow for certain types of property to receive exclusions or exemptions from property taxes. Exemptions may include Charitable, Religious, Educational, and Government. Active Duty Military must submit a copy of LES and Veterans whose vehicle has been given by the United States Government or that is altered with special equipment to accommodate a service-connected disability must provide documentation from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Motor Vehicle Exemption Application (PDF)

Vehicle Registration Gap Property Tax Notice

Gap Property Tax Notices must be paid to Gaston County Tax Department. Pay Online.