Tax Collection Department

The Tax Collector's Office is responsible for collecting taxes on all taxable property located in Gaston County using whatever remedies are available under the statutes as governed by the North Carolina Machinery Act. Our office maintains accurate information for citizens as well as business users such as banks, attorneys, real estate agents, etc.

Visit our Collections website to search for current year taxes as well as previous years' payments.

Payment Options

To learn more about ways to pay, please visit our Payment Options.

Interest Schedule

2% Interest begins on January 6 and accrues at the rate of ¾ of 1% each month thereafter until paid in full.

Delinquent Schedule

Taxes become delinquent on January 6th of each year. Delinquent taxes are subject to all tax collection remedies such as levy, garnishment of wages, attachment of rent, attachment of bank accounts, In rem foreclosure, and mortgage style foreclosure.

North Carolina General Statutes § 105