Business Equipment Levy & Sales

Gaston County has many enforced collection remedies ranging from bank attachment and garnishments to the levy and sale process, but what is the levy and sale process? When all attempts to collect delinquent Business Personal Property have been exhausted, the Collections department refers the delinquent account to the Enforced Collections division – which handles In Rem Foreclosures and Levy and Sale. When the Enforced Collections obtains the account, they begin to research the business and make many attempts to contact the business owner, ranging from letters and phone calls to site visits. When all attempts to contact the owner have been made, and there is no success in collecting payment from the owner, the Enforced Collections team can begin the seizure of the Business Personal Property that is owned by the delinquent taxpayer. The seized equipment is then sold at an auction that can happen as soon as 10 days after the seizure of the property. The property owner reserves the right to redeem their property before sale by paying all delinquent taxes and fees in full.

Business Equipment For Sale

There is no business equipment for sale at this time.