Halloween Safety

Halloween Safety Recommendations

The Gaston County Police Department has compiled a list of safety precautions to consider while preparing to celebrate a safe and happy Halloween:

  • Use flame resistant costumes. Make sure all costumes and accessories are made of flame resistant material. Commercially manufactured costumes and accessories should be labeled flame resistant.
  • Make sure costumes are brightly colored or at least have reflective markings to make them visible to motorists. Reflective tape can be used to trim costumes and treat bags.
  • Costumes should fit properly to avoid the occasion of tripping and falling. If using a mask, make sure it fits properly and holes large enough for mouth and eyes.
  • When using a toy firearm with a costume, make sure the toy gun has an orange tip on the end of the barrel.
  • Have children carry a flashlight while trick or treating.
  • Parents should accompany children, especially small children, while they are trick or treating.
  • Give and accept wrapped or packaged candy only.
  • Children should only accept treats from people they know.
  • Warn children to have an adult examine all treats before they are eaten.