Register of Deeds

The Register of Deeds is elected by the people for a four-year term and is responsible for providing the proper and safe repository of deeds and other instruments affecting property or personal status (for example, birth certificates). The Register of Deeds reports to the County Manager and Board of County Commissioners after his/her election. If a vacancy should occur in the office, the Board of Commissioners appoints a successor for the unexpired term.

It is the duty of the Register to record and index all real estate deeds, plats and maps, deeds of trust, mortgages, financial statements, conditional sale agreements, and other personal property. Because these records are so important, they are kept in vaults in the courthouse.

In addition to the preceding duties, other papers are recorded and indexed, such as discharge certificates of persons who have served in the armed forces. Moreover, cancellations of mortgages, involving real and personal property, and cancellations of other claims previously recorded are entered on the recorded copies of the mortgages and claims. Finally, the Register of Deeds assists the public in finding records in which they are interested and makes certified copies of deeds, instruments, and other papers upon request.

The Register of Deeds is responsible for issuing marriage licenses and is also required to record and index marriage licenses as well as birth and death certificates and legitimizing children.

Persons offering deeds and other instruments for recording, or otherwise using the services of the Register of Deeds, are charged fees for the services. These fees are much larger than the operating budget for the office and thus provide revenues for the General Fund. Please call 704-862-7687 for further information.

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