Who do I talk to about the parcel map or owner information?
  • “The property is listed to the Heirs of my mother, but all my siblings have passed, is the property mine now.” 

Numerous scenarios to consider here:

Please review the North Carolina “Intestate Succession” for all questions regarding or contact a Real-estate Attorney.

  • “I need a copy of the map of my property to determine my boundary lines.” Or “The GIS website shows my neighbors building on my line”

The GIS-Mapping Division of the Tax office maintains the county-wide digital parcel layer.  This layer is for taxation purposes only, it is not a legal document or a survey.   Only a licensed surveyor can determine your property lines.     Disclaimer.

  • “I need to update my parcels mailing address” or “The physical address of my home”

Mailing address changes

Request to Change “Real Property Address” PARCEL

Request to Change “Personal Property Address”   Boats, Cars, etc..

Physical address changes

  • “I need help navigating the GIS Website”

A series of instructional videos is available on GIS YouTube

If the GIS website is not loading or working properly for you, you may need to clear your browser's cache or perform a hard refresh. To perform a hard refresh, while on the GIS website page, press and hold the CTRL (or CMD for Mac devices) and F5 keys.    For all other assistance regarding GIS website technical support, please Email GIS.

  • How do I get a property listed in my name?

Property ownership in North Carolina is conveyed by deed, court order, or the estate of a deceased property owner.  The tax listing reflects the ownership as presented in these documents after they are filed with the Gaston County courthouse.  A Real-estate Attorney can answer your questions on filing a document to change the property ownership/listing.

  • “I’ve paid the taxes on a property for years, does that not give me ownership of it?”

No, payment of property taxes is not an avenue to property ownership.  Ownership of real property is achieved by recording a deed, a court-order, or the estate file of a deceased person.

Contact the Gaston County GIS/Tax Mapping Department with questions about Parcels and Ownership:

  • Victoria Chafin: 704-810-3184
  • Kathryn Mitchem: 704-810-5827
  • Leslie Ferguson: 704-810-5830
  • William Page: 704-810-5831
  • Paul Lang: 704-810-5832

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