Who is Eligible?

Landholders who own or manage land in Gaston County. The NC Department of Transportation also receives BMAP services along its rights-of-way statewide.

Assistance to Landholders, both public (municipalities) and private (residents, businesses), landholders in Gaston County may request BMAP services.

Assistance to NCDOT, due to health and safety concerns related to flooding along roadways, NCDOT pays to receive BMAP services statewide. NCDOT projects receive priority, especially if water is going over roads or water is threatening to reach the road within the next twenty-four hours. Services to NCDOT are funded separately; Gaston County participation fees do not go toward projects along NCDOT rights-of-way.

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1. Who is Eligible?
2. Who Administers BMAP?
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