What is the Board of Adjustment?

The Gaston County Board of Adjustment was established in 1992 by the Board of County Commissioners. It is made up of appointed volunteers to serve the citizens of the County in making decisions pertaining to zoning and land use ordinances. The Board of Adjustment hears and decides on:

  • Appeals from any order, decision, determination, or interpretation made by the Land Use Administrator pursuant to or regarding the regulations in the zoning ordinance
  • Requests for Variances from the requirements of the zoning regulations
  • Make interpretations to any portion of the ordinances
  • Requests for Conditional Use Permits for those uses which require such in certain zoning districts
  • Allow temporary uses in zoning districts where such uses are not normally permitted.

The Board hears and reviews each application/request during a public hearing. Their decision is made by applying specific findings of facts to the testimony and evidence presented at the public hearing. The Board of Adjustment acts in a quasi-judicial status when making these decisions. This status precludes them from political pressure and lobbying prior to hearings since ex parte communications with the Board members is prohibited. Refer to Section 4.5 and Table 4.1-1 for other information and duties of the Board of Adjustment. H_Ch4_Admin_Agencies_Funct

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