What subjects are included?

Sessions begin with a presentation of the County Police Department's philosophy regarding community oriented policing. Subsequent sessions include the following topic areas:

  • Communications
  • Property and Evidence
  • Patrol Procedures
  • K-9
  • Criminal Investigations
  • School Resource
  • Records
  • Accreditation
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Crime Analysis
  • Special Investigations (vice and narcotics)
  • Crime Scene Search
  • Hazardous Devices Team
  • Emergency Response Team
  • Communications
  • Animal Care and Enforcement

Throughout this academy, participants are encouraged to ask questions and discuss topics with Department personnel. Participants over the age of 18 can also participate in a police officer ride-along program where they spend a shift riding with an officer on patrol. To inquire about a ride along, contact our Records Unit at 704-866-3320.

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1. What subjects are included?
2. What is the purpose of the Academy?
3. Who teaches the Academy Sessions?
4. How are participants selected?
5. How do I apply?