Where can I upset the bid on a property?

All Upset Bids must be placed with The Gaston County Clerk of Court – located on the first floor of the Gaston County Courthouse.

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1. Does Gaston County do Tax Deed Sales?
2. Where are sales conducted?
3. How much deposit is required day of the sale?
4. Will Gaston County accept written or telephone bids?
5. Where can I upset the bid on a property?
6. How long is the Upset Bid period?
7. What is the required deposit for an Upset Bid?
8. I won the bid, how long do I have to bring final payment?
9. What kind of deed do I receive with the property?
10. Will I owe anything outside of the final payment if I win the Bid?
11. I am the current owner of a property being sold at auction. How can I stop the foreclosure?
12. What happens to property that isn’t sold?