What is the benefit of reappraisal?

Property taxes are based on property values. Without periodic reappraisals, some property owners would pay more than their share of property tax while others would pay less. Reappraisals reset property tax values to their current market value so that the property tax burden is spread fairly among all taxpayers.

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1. What is reappraisal?
2. How are properties assessed?
3. Why is Gaston County reappraising properties?
4. What is the benefit of reappraisal?
5. What is Market Value?
6. How does reappraisal affect my taxes?
7. Who assesses my property? How are they trained?
8. Does reappraisal cause gentrification?
9. Is Gaston County inflating property values to raise money?
10. Does Gaston County conduct a reappraisal only at the peak of the market?