Website not Rendering Correctly

Gaston County recently launched a new website on July 12, 2022 and as a result, we have updated the theme of all applications hosted at Gaston County, including GIS.

If you screen does not render correctly or looks partially broken, look for the hard refresh  button located on any of the GIS webs application toolbars and click it to perform a hard refresh. This will update your web browsers cache and pull down the newly updated theme.

Alternatively, you can try any of the following methods listed in the link below for your device and/or web browser: Guide to Performing a Hard Refresh In Each Web Browser

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1. Website not Rendering Correctly
2. Where can I find Help for the GIS website?
3. Can I download GIS data / Parcel information?
4. Where is the zoning for the Town of Ranlo?
5. How can I tell if Taxes are owed or what the Tax Bill is?
6. What do I need to use the GIS website?
7. How can I tell what browser I am using?
8. Why do I need to allow pop-up windows?
9. How do I enable pop-ups in Google Chrome?
10. Can GPS or latitude/longitude information be obtained from the Gaston County GIS website?
11. Can I send a link to a parcel?
12. Where is the Book Map and Parcel (BMP)?
13. How do I print a property card? (Appraisal Cards, Tax Appraisal Sheets)
14. How do I print a deed / recorded plat / plat map / survey?
15. Why can I not link (a deed / plat) from the GIS website to the Register of Deeds website?
16. How do I identify the assigned School District for a property?
17. How do I change my Tax Bill Mailing Address?
18. Who do I talk to about a property address?
19. Who do I talk to about my Tax Appraisal Value?
20. Who Do I Talk to About Land Use?
21. Where do I find information on utilities (electric, gas, water and sewer)?
22. Who do I talk to about Zoning?
23. What are the definitions to the Zoning Codes?
24. What is the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO)?
25. What are the setbacks in Gaston County?
26. Who do I talk to about waterfront property access?
27. Can I print a map to scale?
28. How can I acquire a map printed to scale?
29. How do I print a map?
30. How do I print a map with tax information?
31. How do I resolve printing issues?
32. Who do I talk to about the house (structure) photograph?
33. Who do I talk to about the parcel map or owner information?
34. Why does this property map show less acreage than I actually own?
35. Why is Flood blank in the Parcel Details window?
36. Who do I talk to about Floodplain?
37. What is a Voluntary Agricultural District?
38. Who do I talk to about the GIS website?