How do I apply for an Agricultural Exemption?

You will need to contact the Zoning office that has jurisdiction over your property.

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1. Do I need an architect to draw my plans?
2. If I make changes on my approved plans, do I need to bring them back to plan review?
3. Who do I contact about asbestos or lead paint?
4. Who do I talk to about site grading, soil erosion, water quality, wetlands, stream run-off, etc.?
5. What do I need to get a Building Permit for a new single family dwelling, multi-family dwelling or mobile home?
6. When is a Licensed Contractor required?
7. When is a permit required for a residential accessory/storage building? If a permit is required what all documentation is needed to submit for the building permit?
8. When is a remodeling permit required?
9. Are there any restrictions to the number, size or location of buildings I can place on my property?
10. How do I apply for an Agricultural Exemption?
11. What Building Code(s) is enforced in Gaston County?
12. What's the difference between a modular home and a mobile home?
13. When do I need a permit from the Health Department?
14. What is the status of my permit request?
15. How do I request and/or cancel an inspection?
16. Where can I find information surrounding permit fees?
17. When will I be able to receive power during construction?