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1. What is the assessed value of my property?
2. Is the market value the same as the assessed value?
3. What if I disagree with the assessment of my property?
4. Have the taxes been paid on my property?
5. My mailing address has changed, what do I do?
6. I received a form asking questions about my recent purchase (the letter starts with saying “Congratulations”), what is this form for?
7. My home was demolished in March of this year, why did I receive a tax bill for it?
8. How often is the County Reappraised?
9. I am elderly and / or disabled, are there any programs I can apply for?
10. I have some of my land in the Present Use Value Program, what happens if I sell the property?
11. I have received a letter regarding my compliance in the Present Use Value Program, what is this for?
12. Does a sale trigger a reappraisal?