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1. What is a licensed motor vehicle?
2. How is the value of a vehicle determined?
3. May I appeal the value?
4. Who pays the taxes on a leased vehicle?
5. Is interest charged on late payments?
6. Will I receive a tax refund or owe additional tax if I transfer my license plate to another vehicle during the year?
7. When can I apply for a refund of vehicle property taxes paid?
8. My Tax & Tag Combined notice shows taxes for a city or fire district that I do not live in. What do I do to get this corrected?
9. My Tax & Tag Combined notice shows taxes for a county I do not live in?
10. I received a Tax & Tag Combined notice on a vehicle that I've already sold. What do I do?
11. How can I get a record of the taxes I paid on a registered vehicle?
12. What is a Gap Property Tax Notice and how are taxes calculated?
13. I paid taxes when I tagged the vehicle, so why did I receive a Gap Property Tax Notice?
14. Do I have to pay taxes on a vehicle that is not working?