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Gaston County Housing Board

The Gaston County Housing Board in its current form was established in 2019 by the Board of County Commissioners.  It is made up of appointed volunteers who serve the Gaston County Board of Adjustment.  The Housing Board hears and decides on appeals concerning violations of ordinances such as the Gaston County Minimum Housing Ordinance and the Non-Residential Building Code of Gaston County as well as similar provisions under North Carolina law.

The Board hears and reviews each appeal during a public hearing.  Their decision is made by applying specific finding of facts to the testimony and evidence during the public hearing.  The Board acts in quasi-judicial status when making these decisions.  This status precludes them from political pressure and lobbying prior to hearings since ex parte communications within the Board are prohibited.

If you have any questions, e-mail or call 704-866-3194.