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Community Health Education

Health Education

Health Promotion 704-853-5163
Child Care Health Consultation 704-862-6116
Let Me Run 704-853-5083
Teen Pregnancy Prevention 704-862-5405
Making Proud Choices 704-862-5405
Parents Matter 704-862-5374
Sex Education Workshop for Professionals 704-862-5405
Teen Parenting Program 704-862-5406
Nutrition Services 704-853-5100
WIC: Special Supplemental Program for Women, Infants, and Children 704-853-5100

webistock_000012014469smallHealth Education (704-853-5118) keeps a focus on prevention. A team of health educators plan and implement group programs to prevent and mitigate teen pregnancy, obesity, poor nutrition and sedentary lifestyles. These programs work to prevent illness and promote good health in Gaston County by educating the public on how to avoid risks and form healthy habits. Depending on the program, services may be available to individuals, small or large groups. Please call the designated number for more information on any program.

Health Promotion (704-862-6134) educators focus on helping the people of Gaston County live a healthier lifeHealth Promotion by working for community and government policies that make it easier for people to make healthy choices, and by promoting healthy, active lifestyles and healthy behaviors.
For a full menu of our Health Promotion programs, click here

cchcThe Child Care Health Consultation (704-862-6116) program provides assistance to more than 100 child careThe Child Care Health Consultant teaches a class. facilities that serve more than 3,700 children each day. The consultant visits these facilities to observe operating procedures and to offer training, solutions and hands-on support for improvement. Training topics include proper sanitation procedures to prevent the spread of disease and prevention of SIDS. The Child Care Health Consultant also screens records to ensure that each child has up-to-date immunizations, physical exams and that plans have been made to address any special needs of enrolled children.

Let Me Run (704-853-5083) is a seven-week program for pre-teen and teenage boys, led by trained volunteer coaches. Each team meets twice a week for an hour and fifteen minutes, and the boys exercise and participate in fun activities, which help them learn how to express themselves, reach personal goals, and improve their overall wellness. At the end of the program, the boys celebrate their hard work with a 5k road race.

Teen Pregnancy Prevention (704-862-5405) staff implement a variety of educational programs for youth, parents and professionals who work with youth. These programs are designed to impact the county's teen pregnacy rate. Current programs are as follows:

Making Proud Choices! (704-862-5405) is a safer sex program for middle and high school youth. This program will give youth the knowledge, confidence, and skills necessary to reduce their risk of STIs, HIV, and pregnancy by abstaining from sexual activity or using condoms if they chose to have sex. This program teaches self-responsibility, refusal skills, available contraceptive methods, and reproductive health and safety. This program includes nine hours of instruction (in 2-3 sessions) and is offered monthly at the Health Department or can be conducted by request at other locations.

webistock_000002757962xsmallParents Matter! (704-862-5374) helps parents improve their skills and increase their comfort level when talkingParents Matter to their children about sexual topics and sexual risk reduction. This program, which is primarily for parents and guardians of children ages 9-12 years old, does not tell parents what to say to their children, but instead gives parents the knowledge, skills, and comfort to communicate their own values and expectations about sexuality and sexual behaviors to their children. It also helps parents provide their children with important messages about HIV/AIDS, STDs, and pregnancy prevention. The goal of this program is to help parents provide accurate and reliable health information to their kids. The program meets once a week for 5 weeks and is free to the public. For more information or to find out when the next program will be offered, call 704-862-5374.

More info:
Parents Matter! official website (CDC National Prevention Information Network)

Sex Education Workshop for Professionals (704-862-5405) is designed for professionals who interact with pre-teens or teens. This workshop provides information on puberty, reproductive health, STIs, HIV/AIDS, and teen pregnancy. This workshop will help prepare professionals to use effective, positive communication when answering questions and talking with young people about sexual issues. This four-hour workshop is offered quarterly at the Health Department or can be conducted by request at other locations.

topTOP Teens, the Teen Outreach Program (704-862-5360) is a nationally recognized curriculum that helps teensTeen Outreach Program avoid pregnancy and set personal goals. The program's primary goals are to promote healthy behavior among young people, help them learn life skills, and build a sense of purpose through community service and life goals. Youth ages 12-14 meet once a week after school to explore issues and questions surrounding relationships, values, self-image, decision-making, assertive communication, goal setting, adolescent development and sexuality.

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tppTeen Parenting Program (704-862-5406) is a program for girls ages 19 and younger who are currentlyTeen Parenting Program pregnant or parenting one child, enrolled in school, and reside in Gaston County. This peer group shares information, resources, and support to encourage staying in school, acquiring job skills, improving parenting abilities, preventing child abuse and neglect, and delaying future pregnancies. This program is conducted at the Health Department and includes monthly home visits, educational group meetings, and fun field trips for participants.

Nutrition Services (704-853-5100) provide education, assessments, nutrition counseling, and medical nutritional therapy to Health Department clients. When prescribed by a doctor, therapeutic diet counseling is available to children and pediatric patients.

WIC, or the Special Supplemental Program for Women, Infants, and Children

(704-853-5100) provides education and vouchers for nutritious foods to women who are pregnant, have recently delivered babies, are breastfeeding, and for their children up to age 5. WIC also offers education and support to breastfeedingWIC women. Women must meet medical and financial criteria to receive WIC benefits.

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