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Healthy Wells

Healthy Wells is a project led by the Gaston County Department of Health and Human Services- Environmental Health (DHHS-EH). Healthy Wells will upgrade the current DHHS-EH small drinking water system by completing the following activities:

  • Converting 12,000+ paper well records to digital records
  • Securing latitude-longitude coordinates for 12,000+ well records
  • Create a county Geographic Information System (GIS) database of 12,000+ well records. This database will contain information on wells that have been installed, repaired, and abandoned since 1989. The database will also contain information on groundwater contamination.

DHHS-EH will use these resources to further ensure access to safe drinking water for small drinking water system users. The resources will allow DHHS-EH to conduct analyses, provide publicly-accessible information, develop educational programs for the community, and train environmental health professionals.

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